The original plan was to visit 8065's Bagnet. Someone is craving for bagoong rice and bagnet (crispy pork belly). Unfortunately, our hearts stomach became devastated when the the most awaited meal was not available. We opted for Army Navy and along the way, one of my friends introduced this one-of-a-kind coffee shop. It was love at first sight for me. I begged forced :) everyone to see the coffee shop before the day ends. 

Noriter Manila : Coffee and Dream
The facade does not look pleasing at all. The stained walls and all the loose electrical wirings are to blame. However, my weird preferences tell me that everything looks so attractive. I love the rustic wooden signage, blue painted letters and even the choice of font.

The actual site is situated on the second floor. You have to access this short and old staircase, which can fit an old or a horror movie.  Haha

The main entrance of the coffee shop is decorated with all the paper cups, which I believed were designed by the customers. 

Like I said, I love the font and the cute hot air balloon on the logo.

As we went inside the shop, I discovered that Noriter is a Korean word for playground. Hooray! I found another Korean place again. Last month, it was Hollys Coffee. I'm too fortunate to discover another place for my intensifying South Korean dream. I also learned from a few internet research that this was originally franchised from South Korea and their bigger branch is situated in down south Cebu.  

There a lot of interesting and quirky things inside the shop. Everything was eye candy for me. Among those that attracted me are these bunk areas or some would call as tree houses.  

You cannot find this kind of facility everyday. So we took off our shoes and enjoyed the remaining hours in this cute space. Another attraction from this facility, you can doodle anywhere within the wooden areas. 

Even the windows are filled with unique and pretty doodles.  

These are the other areas with tree houses. This has a mezzanine that can be better observed in the succeeding photos. 

A bird's-eye-view of the entire dining area. 

I love the uneven and variety of chairs which is reflective of my favourite, the mismatched design principle. There's no need to stick in the same colour scheme or theme. 

Face the wall! :)

I love the artificial tree where you can clip on photos and notes. 

And speaking of notes, here's a board where you can post and leave heartbreaking to inspiring messages. 

A few that caught my attention:

"I will move on promise" - Weh d nga? (Really?) Hahaha
Looks like someone is missing someone from Japan

Don't worry this table is covered by a clean and transparent glass top :)

And more paper cups designed by the customers

This reminded me of my growing up years. My love for writing and design is evident on the all the walls I have drawn and religiously erased and cleaned by my mother. :)

The Oreo Cheesecake that gave us the permission to take photos inside the shop Hahaha and my troop of colleagues who accommodated my Korean addiction. 

I found this in the area where we stayed. Anyone who can translate? I just hope that this is not a curse or something. Haha 

Cafe Noriter
2746 Reyes Bldg., Estrada St. 
Taft Avenue, Manila
(main landmark is DLSU- Taft)