I’ve been writing so much negative thoughts lately. Sorry for spreading the bad vibes. Pardon my own way of coping to survive everything. In time, I know things will get better for me. As one of my heaven sent blog readers mentioned, it doesn’t rain forever. I’ll hold on to that reminder.

I guess it’s high time to write something happy and positive. Everything came in perfect timing because I recently finished a major project outside work. Yay! For those who read my past Sunday post, you might remember the photo teasers of a secret mission called Project C & D for Y. It’s time to unveil the details because my dear friend CC is also waiting for it.

Project C & D for Y stands for Project Candice and Diane for Yarise. I see a little grammar glitch with the names. Haha Candice (CC) and I agreed to start a Candy Buffet venture. Everything began after a long day at work that ended over a carbo-loading dinner in 8 Street. A loaded stomach and our dream of becoming rich fueled the creative juices of entrepreneurship. Haha We agreed with the idea but were hindered how to generate our first client. The heavens connived with us because CC has a niece who is about to celebrate her 7th birthday. And that niece happens to be the smart and beautiful kid, Yarise.

All the idea came early March but since I was too occupied with some unexpected tasks, the real work started on April. Yarise initially wanted a Monster High inspired candy buffet. I was challenged because the colour theme of this famous cartoon does not carry the typical cute and elegant look of candy buffets. How can I pull off an elegant candy buffet when the theme is inspired from skulls and colours of black, white, pink and blue? After some negotiations, (thank God!) Yarise agreed to have anything in pink. 

We sought inspiration from different websites, searched for the cheapest and quality supplier and made things happen last Sunday. Without further ado, here's our first attempt to Candy Buffet.

We were able to provide a decent candy buffet. It wasn't as grand as those I see in Pinterest and other sites. For a start though, I would like to believe that we have surpassed the first test. :)

Here are the specific details of the buffet

The photo of the birthday girl served as the centerpiece. Instead of the usual picture frame, we used a miniature version of the artist's canvas stand. We added some decorative boxes to elevate the photo. 

 Another accent is the pink sketch book and letter dice from Papemelroti.

The buffet carried a pink and teddy bear theme. We initially wanted to stick with the pink theme. We found it too plain and monotonous. Hence, I decided to infuse some cuteness by taking out all the teddy bears I accumulated at home. I also added the flower pompoms to emphasize the celebrant's love for anything pink.

Our buffet was not limited to candies. We also offered mini cupcakes with frosted icing.

Guests can use the cupcake cups or the pink paperbags to secure the candies. 

More than a project, CC and I are taking this endeavor to the next level. Yes, we are open for business! We can customize a candy buffet based on your preferences and budget. If you are interested to hire us, please send me an email dianewrites15(at)gmail(dot)com.