I'm writing this post way ahead of Sunday. It's actually Friday and I'm finally reporting back for work. It has been two days since work and classes were suspended because of typhoon Glenda. The extent of damage can be traced from the uprooted trees along the streets. In effect, we have been deprived of our much needed electricity for three... make that five days if this post gets uploaded.

Even the operations of key business establishments in our area were hampered. Banks and their ATMs went offline. Fastfood chains such as Mc Donald's and KFC were closed. There were long lines in groceries and supermarkets not because people were hoarding. The absence of electricity meant POS not working. Hence, the manual issuance of receipts. Imagine all your purchases manually written and computed by the cashier. Kudos to the hardworking and patient cashiers! 

I really hope everything will get better soon. At the very least, the roads will be cleared and our supply of electricity will be returned.

Meanwhile, here's what I can offer for my Beautiful Sunday. I have photos waiting to be uploaded from my camera. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring either my card reader or transfer cable. I have to share whatever I have from my Instagram account.

This random "Share a Coke" message is making me happy :) So even though I prefer the regular  (real) Coke, I tried the light or tasteless version to claim ownership with the "Hottie" hahahaha

One item checked off my bucket list!!!! Blame the team leader of the Cath Kidston sisters, Ms. Ellen!! She shared the online flash sale of Kate Spade. I don't have intentions of purchasing ... Sinungaling (liar) hahaha To justify my shopaholic attack, I don't encounter a Kate Spade bag worth less than $ 50 everyday. So there, the damage in my credit card account. During that time, my Auntie A is about to leave US and she willingly gave me her US address. I was spared from the shipping costs so I have no choice?!? but to take advantage.

Speaking of the Cath Kidston Sisters team leader, Ms. Ellen made me the happiest before my little storm misery. I can now claim that I'm an official Cath Kidston fan. My first Cath Kidston all the way from UK finally arrived. I have to blog this in another post... for my version. ;) You can read the entire story from our other sister, Leah in this post.

PS Cath Kidston sisters, before the year end ulit ha? please :) 

Because I have not been eating real food lately, I made sure that I will have my own recovery lunch at work. Keema and "yellow rice" from Kebabers never fail to add lbs of weight and happiness :)

A female seductive trash can ahahahaha Whoever thought of placing a black lace (of all colours) to the innocent and pathetic trash can hahaha

And a little inspiring reminder to everyone :)

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday!

PS Dear Namemate, I'll upload the link up soon :)