My blog has been filled with nothing but my Sunday blogging series. My usual target is at least two posts in a week. One for the blogging series and the other for my monthly book reviews, places visited and other more interesting things. Unfortunately, I'm still adjusting or like I always say, I'm so lousy and poor in time management lately. Maybe my overweight self can also account as another culprit. I guess even my brain is filled with all the cheese and cholesterol I've been taking. Haha Just to break my series of monotonous posts let me write some good random things that happened lately.

1. Coming to work on time on Monday, despite waking up late, traffic and the fact that IT'S A MONDAY - Monday has always been a struggle. Ideally, I should have been more relaxed because of the weekend break. Unfortunately, Saturday and Sunday seemed to be not enough as I age ... and gain weight.

2. Encountered a courteous and accommodating jeepney driver - How often do we encounter one? Despite having a full schedule yesterday, I had the need to drop by the nearby mall to ship some items. The problem with the nearby mall is the location that entails a lot of walking. Despite the short jeepney ride, I still have to endure walking around 2 blocks from the drop off station. Fortunately, the jeepney driver told us that it was his last trip. He took the initiative to verify if everyone is bound to the nearby mall. Everyone was spared from walking because we were dropped off a few steps from the mall's entrance. Thank you Manong! You brought happiness to all your tired passengers.

3. My first order from eBay arrived - If I'm able to sell some of my items in eBay, I should return the blessing by supporting other eBay resellers. I ordered the item last Friday and it was delivered yesterday. 

4. I was able to help two people at the workplace yesterday. - Being able to contribute in the resolution of a problem brings a unique fulfilment for me. Two colleagues were confused over certain aspects of their work. I listened to their sentiments and gave suggestions. I believe I was able to contribute in the resolution process. I felt it when I saw their faces lighten up and they uttered those rare words of gratitude.

5. I enjoy my trips to the shipping centre - When I started selling my items on eBay, my trips to 2go have become frequent. I don't know, but I feel good whenever I'm able to pass my things to its new owners.  Despite subsidising the shipping fees which lessens my profit margin, I feel a degree of happiness when I'm assured that my pre-loved possessions will have a new owner.

6. I had a great lecture yesterday -  Mondays and Wednesdays are my most exhausting days. I have two consecutive classes in the evening. I started lecturing a difficult chapter last night. I decided to focus the entire lecture on the problem solving exercises. I want to prepare the college kiddies to the worst of the worst ;) In the the middle of the class, the kiddies became restless ... in a positive way. I knew at that point that they are bored and no longer challenged. I can confirm that I was able to impart the techniques they need..... I really hope so. Haha 

Wishing everyone a great day ahead!