I was suppose to meet a friend yesterday. Last minute change of plans, we didn't make it. I was looking forward to it because I'm still struggling with my new work schedule. Office work is fine. Teaching is challenging me because after several years, I'm handling two consecutive classes. The level of tiredness was way different when I last had this schedule. My 26 years old self then had better and faster metabolism. But now, my overweight self easily gets exhausted and feels so lousy. I want to shed off the lbs but I don't want to exercise. :) Regulating my food intake is as always, the hardest habit to develop. What to do now?!? A little silly story about my overweight problem, I weighed myself two nights ago. I was surprised when the scale revealed that I was 10 lbs lighter. Really? (Weh, d nga?) I was almost ready to believe not until I stepped down and discovered the reason for the weight loss. The red line or the weight pointer was positioned 10 lbs away from zero. Hahaha for my ambitious self.!

Before weekend arrived, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

They never fail me! hahaha

Beef and cheese Nachos from Nacho King - Recovery meal after having two straight classes :) To the sales personnel, thank you for accommodating me despite nearing closing time.

Another set of Nachos and Cheese from Taco Bell - Taco Bell is heaven for me. I'm thankful that despite revising their value meals, the nachos and cheese are still available... for a separate order. But really, I don't like their idea of replacing the nachos with french fries in their value meals.

Crunchy Taco - Another favorite treat from Taco Bell :) I can have this for dinner everyday

Lotus Biscoff Cookies - I finished the entire pack by myself.. To my defense, I ate it the entire week ;)

Loving Coke's little surprises on the labels :)

How to end a struggling week? Wreck the wallet for a colorful blouse :)

The fountain looks way better in person. It was raining when I took the photo. I believe the fountain fronting the Philippine Postal Corporation was renovated. They infused colorful lights that added attraction and happiness. 

Cuteness! I hope there's a lifesize version too. 

All items here are intended for our next major project

Mini shelf from Papemelroti - This is one of the gifts I received from being a Papemelroti fan. I really hope this will be useful for our next project. Although I'm thinking if I should paint it with white. I wanted it to have that shabby chic look. Opinions, please? :)

Decorative Bin from SM - My initial plan was to purchase wooden crates. Unfortunately, I don't have the time and patience to return to Divisoria. I also can't find a local craftsman who can do it. I searched the nearby malls and I guess, this can serve as a decent substitute.

It's so crowded in here ;) - I have to tidy up these cuties again. You will be highly needed for our new project. Please cooperate with me. :)

I almost got to a minor conflict after purchasing this basket - I will not go in detail but it's not the fault of the Divisoria vendor. This basket costs only Php 180. Despite the deal, someone almost ruined my mood ;) I refused to argue because it was never my thing. I intend to prove myself once the DIY project is executed. Oh dear friends, please pray for me ;)