A Beautiful Sunday to everyone! I'm typing this post at 1:04 am. I feel so tired and sleepy after another long Saturday. I spent the entire day in Divisoria with CC for a major project. We braved the crowded streets for the best and cheapest finds. My legs feel like it has tons of sandbags attached to it. My eyelids feel so heavy now. To be honest, I wasn't contented with the materials we have sourced out. I have minor issues I intend to keep for myself. :) Instead or fully ranting about it, I plan to resolve it on my own. I hate arguments. I hate explaining myself, especially when I know that I'm right. Sigh.. Maybe this is one clear indication that I'm meant for freelance. No business partners to deal with. It's only between me and my employer.

I wanted to finally call it a day. However, I decided to finish this post so that I can spend the remaining hours sleeping. I'm having breakfast past 1:30 am now. I'm enjoying my crunchy waffles and fresh coconut juice (Yes, I'm weird.) No pictures to show because I'm too lazy to look for the camera, transfer files and upload. Haha  I'll limit this post to the few beautiful things that made my week.

The food posts are so back! :)

Breakfast for lunch - The tasty Star Margarine rice and longganisa for lunch. I love breakfast food. I wouldn't mind eating breakfast meals until dinner.  The photo also makes me miss my dear friend T, who shares my love for breakfast food. I really hope we can get together soon.

Cupakes from Brownies Unlimited - Oh yes, I did it again. I destroyed the cupcakes. Haha The cheapest yet tastiest cupcakes for only Php 55 in most SM malls. If you want to make me the happiest, a box of mini cupakes will do. ;)

Kimchi Rice - The photo may not look pleasing but I love the spicy  Kimchi rice served with egg and beef slices. I ate this while watching my (of course) favorite Korean drama series.

Rice in a Box - I swear, I can live with this forever. I love the java rice, freshly cooked chicken chorizo and the sharksfin oozing with bits of chili. When I want comfort food without wrecking my wallet, Rice in a Box is one of my reliable partners.  

Have you noticed the print on the Coke's label? "Share with Mommy" I believe Coke released unique "Share this Coca Cola" reminders. If I had shown this to my own mother, she would surely reply, "no thanks" haha 

How to end a long day at work :)

Bon Chon's Chicken - The chicken was almost great except for my faked bravery to beat the double spicy variant.  I will never again avail this double dosage of spiciness. I'll content myself with honey and soy garlic. Otherwise, I have to prepare pitchers of Coke to alleviate the spicesines.. Haha

Dirty Ice Cream - ...as most of my fellowmen would claim.. In reality however, their ice creams are not really dirty. Why was it called dirty in the first place? Anyone can explain? Is it because of the fact that the ice cream is sold along the "dirty" streets of Manila?

Crunchy Chicken Intestines - It may not looking pleasing to everyone but this item has been in my list of favorites. How can I refuse the happiness spent in Php 50.

Best thing I spent for Php 20 - I used to ignore the massage chairs in large department stores. My tired legs and back were given its much needed break and pampering for only Php20. 

I'm always fascinated with anything Shabby Chic. I hope Robinsons Department Store will include them on the next season's sale. Like, 50 to 70 % off and I will have a new project to use it. 

My Dearest Papemelroti - It started with the leather canvas giveaway. This year, I was blessed to be featured in Papemelroti's blog. In return, the company sent me a few gifts that made me the happiest. Thank you  and I love you forever Papemelroti!!!

Bellini's at Cubao Shoe Expo - Thanks to my former student H who encouraged me to try Bellini's. Surprisingly H was nowhere to be found last Friday. I ended up having dinner with another equally beautiful and smart kid, M. Hi fellow Bookworm M! ;) 

PS To my few blog friends who are linking up, I apologize for the absence of the link up button. I will post the script as soon as I get my much needed sleep. Likewise, I have not been doing my regular blog hops and visits. I'm still adjusting to my new teaching schedule. Hopefully, things will get better for me after a week or two.