Just like last week, I thought I wouldn't be able to post for my Sunday series. I was occupied with freelance work last Saturday. I went to bed at 5 am on Sunday and slept the entire morning. I wanted to give myself that 8-hour sleep. I barely slept and instead of attending to my teaching preparations, I had my regular dose of Korean drama series marathon. ;) Late afternoon, I finally decided to leave bed, take a shower and get things done. By the time I'm ready to blog, it's already 8 pm. I'm quite in a rush because I still have books to read and lectures to prepare. A big good luck to me!!! :)

Before I face my reality, let me share the few good things that made my week.

The comeback of the food posts ;)

Graham Balls - It's finally available again at the workplace's canteen. These are powderized graham crackers with marshmallows. I hope I'll get a free pack from being a loyal customer one of these days. ;)

Houseblend Iced Tea - Another comeback because all the kids have reported back to school.

Chewy Jr. - Huge cream puffs I took home after a client meeting. Thanks for the promotional offer because I got the box for only Php 165.

Guess what is the last item in the photo? - A vintage Minolta camera I accidentally discovered at home. I want to find out if the camera is still working. Problem is, where to buy the 110 film? :)

Blessings of new work

Major Project for our Candy Buffet Business - Yes! Hopefully, everything will push through with a major client.

Another project at the workplace - I'm challenged! I love it when an opportunity forces me to move out of my comfort zone.

I'm back to teaching -  I have new subjects to handle this semester. 

The return of the Index Cards - A new pack of index cards means meeting another set of college kiddies.

Hello again to gloomy and rainy mornings! Except for the hassles of commuting and flooding, I love the colder temperature brought by the rainy season.

Minutes before I sleep - I know it's not healthy to stay awake the entire night and sleep before sunrise. I don't know but I can always find my working pace from night till dawn. I'm more productive when the entire environment is so still and quiet. This also convinces me that I'm fitted for freelancing with US based clients. I haven't seriously thought about it but my appreciation with freelancing is heightening over time. I'm including this in my long term career goals. If given the chance and assurance that my earnings will remain stable, I would opt for part time teaching and full time freelancing. But of course, this is way far from reality yet. I love my day job and I need to survive my family.

Pardon the lousy post, my mind is so occupied with books and lectures I have to prepare. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!