First things first, my laptop at home finally bid goodbye after five years. :'( Over the last months, it has been showing signs of deterioration. The white lines on the LCD are becoming more prevalent. When I turned on the laptop on Saturday morning, all I can see is a black screen. (Insert panic attack here!) 

As far as I can remember, I backed up my files to an external hard drive. Problem is, I'm not sure if the recent files have been saved. The last time I inserted my external drive was last month. To make things worst, I have a number of freelance works waiting to be submitted this week. How timely! Although I can always take home my laptop from the workplace, I prefer my old Windows laptop for freelance work. The Mac is highly reliable but not all the statistical software I'm using are available in OS X Mavericks. I am so dead. More importantly, I don't want to be using office's resources for my personal endeavours. 

My plans are screwed up. I have plans with my pending freelance earnings already. Unfortunately, looks like everything should be set aside for a new Windows laptop. Maybe it's really time to retire my five year old buddy. But if possible, I want it to be revived for a day to secure all my files. 

Despite my little tragedy, here are the few beautiful things I was able to document

Coke and burger never fail! - Looks like your typical cheap and street burger but it's not :) It 's only the price that comes cheap. Taste is 5 out of 5 stars! This came in perfect timing because I've been saturated with all the food offering of 7-11 and the school canteen. Thanks to my FM-OPR college kiddies who started this business.

Potato Roll - How sinful! :) A roll of potato, ham, cheese and mayo garlic sauce. I just love all the grease!

Shake Shake Fries from Mc Donald's - My favorite is actually the Ketchup flavor. We ordered via drive-thru and realized that I received the wrong flavor powder. Despite the mistake, I still enjoyed my take home french fries on my most awaited Friday night.

Mini cookies from Mrs. Fields - More than the cookies, I admire  the story of Mrs. Fields. I encountered her story when I was still studying. Who would ever thought that her homemade cookies will conquer the world?

The return of the cookie butter in our home - This all time family favorite is always out of stock from the nearby supermarket. Aside from Lotus Biscoff, most of our favorite imported goodies have been out of stock even from other supermarkets. I don't want to pinpoint the culprit for all these delay in logistics and supply chain management. But really, my degree in Economics tells me that the government should  NOT be a contributor in the delay of goods and services.

Breadtalk's Chocolate Tiramisu - I found a new love! Not too sweet and my mother loves the dark chocolate topping.

Cool doodle from Cafe Noriter - I wish to return here or maybe visit their branch in Cebu. I really miss traveling.

Sincerity Chicken and Kiampong rice - Another set of dish I terribly miss. I leave work at 7 pm and there's no way for me to catch dinner in Binondo.

Net-a-Porter's staff farewell tribute to their Big Boss

If only I can make this happen, I wanted to do one for a special boss. Although I heard from somewhere that this part of Net-a-Porter marketing scheme. Regardless of the real intention, I love the overall production.

Why you should visit the Philippines?

The Philippines is not your typical Asian country. To my dearest foreign blog friends, please take time to watch. This might convince you to visit the Philippines. :)

Before hitting the publish button, a little miracle happened. My trusty buddy woke up from the dead. Alleluia! I don't want another panic attack so I guess I have to do my not-so-favorite activity. I have to hop from different computer shops to get the best deal.

PS Dearest namemate, Since I have some laptop problems... I will upload the linky tom. :)