Goodbye July! Truth to be told, nothing much happened this week. I had my usual office work and teaching schedule. I'm still on the adjustment phase, but I believe I'm gradually coping. Come with this adjustment is the upcoming examinations week. I realized that I have tons of paper waiting to be checked. I also have freelance work opportunities. There's another possible client for the candy buffet business. :) Amidst the workload, if there's one thing that I always look forward, it's always the weekend when I can gain that much needed zzzzz 

Meanwhile, here are some of the beautiful things that made my week

Taco Bell! - I'm still disappointed when Taco Bell decided to change its value meal offering. Most of their value meals were replaced with french fries from nachos and cheese. The remaining value meals served with barbecue sprinkled nachos. I have to pay an additional fee to enjoy the classic cheese sauce. 

Squash Omelette - Something I hope I will learn how to cook ... in the first place, I should first learn how to cook lol

Green Tea Cupcake - This cupcake has the right amount of sweetness and fluffiness.

Paotsin's Sharksfin and Hainanese Rice - Happiness for only Php 50!

Classic Filipino chips  - Cassava chips and onion twists from a local trade fair

Pizza Hut's Big Variety Box - So this is the best way to welcome weekend!! A huge box of pizza, pasta, garlic bread, chicken wings is more than enough to make my family the happiest.

My favorite blouse - While I love Cath Kidston and floral items, I don't have floral print blouses. When I discovered this blouse from a mall wide sale, I have to say yes because of the floral and (forever favorite) blue print.

New set of hardbound books - A confession to make, I purchased these books for decorative purposes ;) I might be using it for an upcoming project I'm hoping to push through. 

A few beautiful links I love

Photos of different random acts of kindness - A little side story, I encountered a little unfortunate accident inside the train during the middle of the week. On the way home, I was seated to a restless male passenger. I knew that something was wrong with him because his constant movement is really unusual. Before alighting from the train, my instincts were confirmed. He threw up and half of my pants was soaked with his own mess. The only fortunate thing about the accident, it happened while I was on the way home. Maybe this was one of the reasons why I didn't freak out and made a scene. LOL But seriously, if my sick seatmate can read this, I hope you are feeling better now. No need to apologize :)

The Automated "Thank You" Machine - I hope we could do this at the workplace someday. I would love to be the person who will orchestrate the planning and execution of this endeavor.