Aside from work, this was the project that kept me occupied a few weeks ago. We finally had our first real and official client for our candy buffet business :). We were tasked to prepare a candy buffet for the first birthday of a baby boy. Initially, the client wanted to have a Baby TV theme. To be honest, I'm not familiar with the TV show. I later discovered that Baby TV is an entire channel dedicated to babies. I even sought the assistance of another blogger and sole sister ;) Em, to produce the felt paper characters of Baby TV. While I was conceptualizing our design, client changed his mind. He opted for a candy buffet that fitted for a basic color theme. (Dear Em, I apologize for all the inconvenience I caused you. )

My patience was quite tested with this project. I will spare you from the horrid (I'm quite exaggerating haha) details of the preparation. The people who knew me well can trace my business' pet peeves. I hate arguments. I hate proving and explaining myself. I hate being contradicted especially if I'm sure about my ideas. I hate detractors inside the group. Lastly, I can easily sense distaste and annoyance from anyone. It really irritates me when other people keep on hiding it, while my unique female hormones can easily detect it.

Setting aside the negativities, I would like to believe that we were able to surpass our client's expectations. (I hope so, haha) We prepared candies good for 150 people and with less than 100 guests, our buffet was left empty! Here are some photos before our candy buffet was attacked ;) by the eager guests.

My initial peg was teddy bear in picnic or garden inspired set up. Hence, I have to convince my partner to purchase the "artificial grass" or grass mats. Along the way, we encountered this chocolate lady bugs. Again, it took me some time to convince CC to purchase the disguised chocolates.

Thank you A for lending me this cute teddy!

The bottle labels are scrap book materials from my favorite, Papemelroti. I bought all the available stocks in their Gateway and SM Manila branches. :)

 The basket which almost caused me some trouble ;) Can someone tell me that it became useful for this project? 

and the final project

Yay or nay? :)