My posts are decreasing. I haven't been doing my regular blog hopping routine. The workload is so overwhelming. Despite the endless work coming, I'm happy to report that the past months have been giving me good news and blessings. I mentioned in a previous post that my trusted laptop is nearing its farewell. The Boss above is so good because I was given freelance works to finance the acquisition of another trusted buddy. I bid goodbye to my very old Windows XP. Hello Windows 8.1! You appear so different but give me some more weeks and I'll finally get used to everything.

The upcoming week entails more meetings, preparations, papers to check and lectures to review. Before I face another week, let me recount the few beautiful things I encountered.

Lunch and movie date with dearest friend A - Thanks for the recent movie treats A! Movie, food overload in the company of a great friend in one weekend is the best.

Korean Vegetable Dumpling - How often do I appreciate vegetables? Thank you SM for offering my favorite vegetable dumpling.

Ground beef, spaghetti sauce and chips - It's a party! Unfortunately, there's no party or gathering. This was just a product of my "mood cravings."

Sweet Potato made sweeter - Mashed sweet potato, caramel and marshmallow, yum! Thank you FM kiddies.

I can live with this kind of food - Beef, veggies and carbs to end a long and tiring day

Confessions of a shopaholic - Read more about my new leather bag in my previous post.

It's a birdhouse - Excited for our next project which will happen next week

Basket of Pink - I may not be the biggest fan of this color but I need to appreciate it for our next project.