Sunday, September 21, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 126 - The happiest thank you

I will use the same excuse I made last week. I'm still so occupied with work. I have been mentioning my documentation over the past months. The project slept for a while because we have been waiting for the screening committee's decision. When September started, we received the greatest news. Our documentation project surpassed the first screening. The second phase entails a site visit and interview from the accreditors. We were given less than two weeks to prepare and the recent suspension of office work as a result of all the weather disturbances didn't help. We reported for work since yesterday and I'm so thankful to all my colleagues who supported us. Tomorrow is judgment day for us. We will meet the assessors and accreditors. Everything has been prepared and hopefully, everything will go well.

Since I have nothing decent to blog today, let me share this short video that gave me some tears.


The thank you that makes us the happiest is the one with our name.


  1. Good luck this week Diane, you have been so busy with your documentation project.
    I hope it all goes well!

    A lovely little video to start the week - a thank you by name is always more personal and heartfelt.
    Have a happy week
    Shane x

  2. I am wishing you the very best this week! Sending you many hugs, my friend and namemate! Hugs, Diane

  3. Waaaah, nakakatouch naman ang video na yan! Tama nga naman, pag may name, mas ramdam ang thank you. :)


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