I'm reporting for work today. This is just one of those rare Sundays when I had the need to report for work. While everyone is savoring the long weekend, the opposite happens for me. Yesterday, I even dropped by the workplace to secure some documents that didn't arrive. Hassle! I wasted money and time and I even have to endure the difficulty of commuting to and from Manila these days. I don't want to pinpoint anyone but Manila is getting worst. I often compare Manila to a cup of instant noodles these days. Just add a few water from the rain and your perfect traffic and flooding disaster recipe is done. Last Friday, I failed to catch the train's last trip because of the heavy traffic and flooding. I walked a lot until I was able to find a jeepney en route to home. The ending, I was able to arrive home the next day. So for today, I'm hoping that work will finish early. I don't want to repeat my experience from that Friday night.

Amidst all that hassles, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

Nice message found on a piece of candy :) - Maybe this is another reason to buy Fres Mint candies. The random messages made me happy.

Ventured to another first - I used to clean my eye brows on my own. Because of peer pressure :) I was convinced to try eyebrow threading. I was so reluctant the last minute and I keep on reminding the attendant to simply tidy up my rare and scattered brows. The first attempt didn't disappoint. I'm very satisfied!In fact, my eye brows looked like it received additional hair strands. A very neat and tidy eye brows can make a difference. 

Two types of Nachos - I appreciate both types of nachos in cheese or the classic pork / beef with vegetable slices.

It feels and smells like Christmas! - My Filipino friends can easily explain the violet rice cake topped with grated coconut on the photo.

Seafood bagoong (fish sauce) rice -  Another reason to love Rice in a Box. 

French Macarons - A piece only costs Php 15 courtesy of the in-house trade show at the workplace

Lanzones is love - One of my favorite fruits is finally in season

Wishing everyone a great Sunday!

PS Dear namemate, I'll upliad the link up soon :)