I have the license to sleep late today because we don't have work tomorrow morning. We are required to attend a Eucharistic Celebration outside the workplace in lieu of our morning work. Over the last years, I always look forward to this October tradition because I usually eat out with my dearest friend T after the mass. To be honest, I'm more excited with our food trip than the absence of work. :) This year, the tradition will be a bit sad for me. My dearest friend already transferred to another company early this year. I'm friendless and alone tomorrow. I guess I have to check  the nearest and trusted shopping mall and dine in to a restaurant that can satisfy my mood cravings. If sadness will continuously attack me, I might console myself with a new pair of shoes, blouse or pants. 

The reason why I'm blogging tonight is not attributed to this loneliness. My intention is to highlight the recent experience I had with a major project at the workplace, which I blogged here. Incidentally, I realized that it was still last June when I last updated my 30 Things blogging series. I already missed two going three months. How can I catch up if I only have less than 3 months? Nevertheless, let's see if I can complete the entire series before my next birthday arrives.

The Major Project @ 30 - Me and my Boss spearheaded and prepared all the critical requirement for this project. The documents were already submitted and over the last months, we were praying that we will be included in the final leg of the assessment. True enough, we were granted with the chance. 

The actual assessment date already happened last month. The experience with the three-day assessment led me to another item in my blogging list. I cannot do everything.

Days before the assessors' site visit, work and classes were suspended because of the heavy typhoon. We lost two days of preparation from our very tight schedule. We have colleagues who supported us and unfortunately, there were those who ignored and worst, contradicted our plans. We did the orientations, laid out all the plans, and the least we can expect from other people is to report for work and lend us some records from their office. Unfortunately, our purest intentions and best effort did not suffice. To say that you cannot please other people is even an understatement. We were not demanding for praises and appreciation. We just wanted everyone to accommodate us and the assessors for three days.  

Oh well, everything is over now. We have done our share. We are leaving everything to the hands of the assessors and the mercy of the Bigger Boss above.