The years I’ve been working also represent the years I’ve been riding the train. In that span of time, I have my own long list of both misadventures and rare happy memories. If only I have taken blogging seriously, I could already have a deep archive of train stories. Perhaps, another blog to begin with.

Setting aside the blogging regrets, here’s a preview of my train experiences over the last years. As much as I want to document my unique and memorable experiences, I’m still organizing and recalling my long list. For now, I’m enumerating the frequent observations I gained from my sleepy, exhausting, annoying, (insert all emotions here) that kept me company in my daily lone train rides.
  1. Around half of the passengers alienate themselves with ear plugs attached to their portable music devices (I include myself with my ever defunct but reliable third gen iPod nano)
  2. There’s always a fellow passenger wearing Chuck Taylor (I wasn’t a fan of Chuck’s not until I discovered that I would feel years younger while wearing them. So count me in now.)
  3. Someone is always sleepy, asleep, about to fall asleep on your shoulders (If that someone is Jeremy Lin, Song Seung-heon, Lee Byung-hun, I wouldn’t mind then. *evil and lustful smile haha*)
  4. There’s always a female passenger sporting a fake Longchamp (Yes, I learned how to spot one.)
  5. Females in full make up, ironed straightened hair and dressed in tailor fitted uniform are wearing slippers or plastic shoes (Count me in on those wearing slippers, but never the glamor to begin with.)
  6. In a span of a week, bad words will erupt from your mouth because someone stepped on your new pair or polished shoes (I only utter bad words in my mind. When I started teaching, I became afraid a student might hear and see me.)
  7. People always block the space near the door’s entrance
  8. While the area in the door’s entrance gets crowded, the middle part of the train can accommodate another flock of passengers
  9. Big men are seated while a frail female passenger is struggling to find balance and exerting her best effort not to make another embarrassing moment
  10. Men also fight and push away people for the much coveted seat in the first station (Hey Ladies, Men are fighting for equal rights)
  11. The humongous K-9 dogs are so tame. Setting aside their frightening built, they appear to me as quiet pet dogs.  Like the one owned by Reese in Legally Blonde.  I almost find them cute not until I discovered that they smell so terrible. 
  12. The staircase leading to the station is filled with huge advertisement from Smart. As I head to the waiting area, the approaching train is entirely covered by ads from Globe.
  13. The irregular escort guard of each coach always carries a hardbound logbook that painfully landed on my feet many times.
  14. Men can’t prevent themselves from staring at fair skinned long legs. (Gentlemen from the Philippines, be thankful because Philippines haven’t fully turned as Thailand)
  15. I can always catch a woman discretely making glances to a tall, handsome and well dressed male passenger. (I’m not guilty)
  16. An empty coach that skipped several stations makes everyone feel that they’ve won something from the lottery. (Especially after a long day at work)

PS This post was originally posted in my other hidden blog ;)