This is one of my favorite weeks at the workplace. As mentioned in the previous post, I look forward to the morning Holy Mass we need to attend. After the mass, most of my colleagues spend the remaining hours dining out in the nearby restaurants. The church we annually visit is situated near areas that are known as a hub for the best local restaurants. I used to feel excited with this annual tradition. But when my dearest friend T left the workplace, I was rather feeling sad and pathetic. Everyone is going out, while me? I have to return to the office on my own. I initially planned to visit the nearby mall and use the remaining time to accomplish errands. If time still permits, I might be able to kill sadness by purchasing a new shoes or blouse. (Bad news for me: I think I gained weight from all those stress eating.) What I thought as another sad day changed when two colleagues invited me to join them for lunch. Terra was right. (Thank you for the words of encouragement.) I found unexpected lunch companions. :)

We ate at Cajun and we were the first and only customers they had for lunch. ;) It was my first time to try Cajun. We ordered their pork platter and sad to say, I will not order this dish again. It wasn't so bad but I'm a bit disappointed considering its price tag. On the positive side, I love the interior design and their staff was very accommodating .... minus their toilet that was out of service?! 

It was only this week when I had the license to wake up late. I'm thankful for those days when I have extended sleep and I can still see real sunshine from bed.

Back to the same old task - After the documentation project, I have to return to my routine tasks. Before the week ended, I received my new assignment that brings back not-so-good memories. Sigh.. I have two weeks to do it. And yes, I want it to be done in the soonest possible time.

Lunch breaks on my desk - The rare times I'm pleased with food from the workplace's cafeteria. This makes me miss my dearest lunch body. Another big sigh again..

Confessions of a shopaholic - My love for Anthology shoes!!! Because I have been feeling so melancholy lately, I decided to make myself happy by doing some online shopping. My shoes was delivered in one day! 

Sans rival from Mary Grace - is love! A slice for Php 120 is not so bad considering the fact that the taste didn't disappoint.

J Co's doughnuts - I was surprised to see that there were no long lines in one of their branches. I took advantage of this rare opportunity only to be surprised with the limited choices. The only flavors available are what you can see from my box. My favorite Alcapone was already sold out. Lesson learned, don't be deceived by short lines. :)

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam - Seriously? I initially thought that the two sandwich spread will never mix. Surprisingly, their combination impressed my taste buds. Thank you 7-11 for bringing this. Your food selections are really getting better.

Heaven of fatty happiness!! - I have been meaning to try Taco Bell's bucket of nachos. I thought I will be able to finish the tub in one sitting. I ate this for two nights. Haha The only downside of this huge tub, it doesn't come with enough cheese sauce.

I want to have this vertical garden!! - Saw this near the church we visited and was totally amazed!! I'll drop by this place again tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to capture a better photo.

Another confession again - Noticed something unusual? I purchased a pair of heels after n number of years?!? I'll be needing this for a formal event outside the workplace. Hopefully, no pains and blisters after.

How to spend weeknights - I love Mcdonald's delivery! Thank you for always arriving way before delivery time.

Last Friday night - This is how we defined balanced diet. Haha My favorite lanzones, Chef Tony's popcorn and onion and potato twists.

Wishing everyone a great Sunday!