My archived posts for this year are living evidences of my unexpected inclination to online shopping. Admittedly, I was reluctant with online shopping years ago. I prefer the traditional shopping where I have to personally see and check the item. I have to try the blouse or shoes  before finally purchasing it. I'm worried with the possibility that I might end up purchasing something that does not match my size, especially with shoes and clothes. Apart from sizing, I'm also after the quality of the items I purchase. I don't buy clothes with loose threads and shoes or bags with minor scratches.

All these apprehensions eventually faded when I started my first online shopping experience. My first purchase was surprise .... a pair of flat shoes. I used to be firm with the idea that I have to see and try the item. What prompted me to break this belief is the promotional offer and discount codes I encountered from other bloggers. The signing up voucher and the additional discount codes on trusted websites were too hard to resist. This is something I would never experience on a regular mall day. I have to wait for the typical 3-day mall wide sale just to experience that little 10% price reduction. 

My first online shopping later expanded to the international level. I acquired my first ever Kate Spade and Cath Kidston through online shopping. I explored international shopping sites and true enough, these discount offerings are also practiced. Nordstorm, one of my dream online shopping sites, is offering different  Nordstorm Coupons exclusive to different brands such as Burberry, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Coach and other high end brands. Apart from brand specific coupons, Nordstorm Promo Codes for generic items such as shoes and bags are also offered. 

While any form of shopping entails expenditures, I have to say that online shopping facilitates minor saving mechanisms. Online shopping eliminates transportation costs. Everything is done in the comfort of our own home. I can later use my money for food delivery and everyone at home is later happier.

I'm likewise saved from the hassles of joining the crowd of shoppers during a mall wide sale. In my case, I'm preventing myself from catching colds and other air borne sicknesses. Indirectly, part of my income is spared from these medical related expenses.

Aside from the monetary aspect, I become more productive because I can spend my time to other productive activities. The traffic and the long lines in the cashier consume a lot of time and patience. With online shopping, all of these activities are done on a few clicks. :) I have more time for freelance works, family and friends.

With the fast approaching holiday, I encourage everyone to try online shopping. Trust me, it can save and spare you from hassles and problems. If you are concerned with sizing, most shopping sites provide different measures to determine your size. Some even have an online shopping assistant who can answer queries. As for quality, this is something I can personally attest. All items I purchased online come in the best quality. No experience about loose threads, scratches or defects. If everything else fails, you are always protected with the free return and exchange policies.