I have to admit something. Before purchasing anything online, I search for blogs and websites that offer discount codes for online purchases. There are different several ways to search for discount codes. Let me share the few sources I discovered.

The signing up discount is the first and easiest means to secure online discounts. Most shopping sites use this strategy to encourage sign ups and entice first time purchases. If you don't like signing up and filling out those personal information forms, some sites offer vouchers in exchange for subscribing to their newsletters.

Customer service experience surveys surprisingly provide discounts too. Although not all shopping sites do this, there are a few that provide discount codes once the consumer completes the survey.

Look for blog ambassadors. Bloggers who have significant following and influence are tapped by shopping sites to become brand ambassadors. More often than not, blog ambassadors earn through the number of referrals they can bring to the company. These referral are accounted from the unique discount codes assigned to their sites.

My recent discovery led me to websites that provide different FREE discount codes and coupons. I was surprised to learn that there are companies such as Sears who offers exclusive Sears Coupons. Best about everything, these exclusive coupons do not require the lengthy process of signing up, typing your personal information and verifying your email. Everything is readily provided in a click. 

I'm quite familiar with the prevalence of couponing in US. I once saw a feature in CNN on how some households seriously handle the collection of coupons. There are families who really collect and store tons of actual or printed coupons. It appears too tedious and time consuming for me. I honestly cannot imagine myself devoting hours just to arrange and sort coupons. My answer to this saving mechanism is to go paperless and opt for online coupon codes. No need to collect and keep those printed coupons. All you have to do is to regularly check the website and click the offerings you can find useful. 

A few reminders though, coupon codes have expiry dates. The coupon you saw today may no longer be seen or valid over the next days. Some coupons are not valid with other offers. Some are limited to a certain geographic area or demands a minimum amount of purchase.  So before embracing the excitement of experiencing discount and savings, please double check the provision stated in each coupon.