Second and last week of my semester break! Reality will resume tomorrow. I have classes in the morning and office work in the afternoon. It's better that way because I'm looking forward going home early over the next months. I'm thankful because I no longer have evening classes. I don't know what happened but last semester was just too tiring. My stress eating intensified and the last time I checked, my overweight self gained more 5 lbs. This evil habit has to end. With lesser workload, I hope I'll be able to get back in shape or at the very least, no more weight gain please.

I finished my "delayed" project last week. My table is always reflective of my level of workload and self-imposed stress. :) But this week, everything is cleared to accommodate the new set of mess. Haha

It's Christmas! - Dropped by the mall in the middle of the week to check out what gift to purchase for myself. I'm eyeing a new bag (again) but decided to temporarily forgo the purchase. We ended watching the Xmas Tree's lighting ceremony. 

Left the mall with nothing but the next day, something tragic happened in my wallet lol

My second Levis - I used to believe that this brand is just all about name and prestige. When my friend C explained and showcased to me her collection of Levis, I decided to give it a try.  I now fully understand the reason behind the price tag. 

Thank you The Travel Club - A random day when I felt so fat and ugly, what happens next? My appetite surprisingly malfunctioned that day. So stress eating was not the antidote. In the afternoon, I received a text from The Travel Club that they are giving 20% discount for holders of this type of credit card. And you know what happened next. My low EQ hyperventilated. But really, the 20% discount already entailed a lot of money. Thanks The Travel Club for the discount and the best customer service too. No pun intended, the sales team of their Gateway Branch was the best. I hope my effort to appreciate their staff through their FB page will be noticed.

New product discovery - Random trips to7-11 lead to healthy and tasty selections

The joys of delivery - Thank you KFC for making my family's tummy happy and the consistent 15-minute delivery.

Another product discovery from 7-11 - Spicy squash seeds from Thailand, almost perfect if not because of the price. I find it expensive at Php 30 per small pack.

Sweet treats from Brownies Unlimited - The only thing I hate about cupcakes is their price tag. This one is the cheapest I can easily purchase from SM's Brownies Unlimited

One of the oldest houses in my hometown - This is the home of the Filipino who started the shoe industry in Marikina. Wish I could take more photos inside the house which is now used as venues for different events. 

Another old house in my hometown - I don't know the history of this white house, but this has to be one of the most beautiful structures in my hometown.

Saturday Gluttony - I met some friends for brunch last Saturday.

My favorite Divisoria Meal - Bagoong rice, sharksfin and a large coke or iced tea are perfect after a long and tiring day

Even the foot has to have an appeal ;) - I swear by the effectiveness of this product. If you want to have that "baby like" skin again, please try this "foot peeling" formula.

Assortment of Happiness - I didn't know that Ferrero has this white chocolate variant. I tasted the dark, regular and white and I just love everything.

Going Oriental - Despite having a broke weekend, my tummy cravings has to be fulfilled ;) Tried the famous Pad Thai and I didn't regret the splurge. On my next visit, I'll definitely be braver to try other Thai dishes.

Dearest namemate,  
The linky codes suddenly don't work in my blog. Sorry for this but I'm trying to find another site that provides free link up services. The same scenario actually happened last week. I can't figure out the source of the glitch.