Truth to be hold, leaving my comfort zone has been one of my continuing and intensifying struggles. I don't want to relate further details, but part of me already wants to make that move or decision. It has to happen or it will never happen. While I'm still in the process of over-analyzing everything, I'm trying to distract myself by venturing to other activities. These activities in my bucket list are surprisingly increasing every year. Haha One thing I learned about being stuck in this stage is the unconscious effort to leave it. I realized that in one way or another, I'm giving myself the opportunity to welcome changes. 

When I decided to attend the professional course I finished last week, I realized that this has become my unconscious effort to seek and welcome new opportunities. I have the chance to opt for a relaxing weekend. I didn't choose the easier option. I decided to forgo my weekend and face my apprehensions. Admittedly, the teacher in me has hidden fears of returning to school. I attribute the fear to my age and inability to catch up with the demands of the course. I joined a troop of young and bright professionals from other companies and true enough, part of me felt afraid and worrisome. These people are more equipped with the trends and practices in the industry. They have better communication and analytical skills. They have higher paying jobs and position. They know better. While me? I felt like I have nothing special to share and contribute.

I decided to accept whatever outcome I will experience from the short course. There was the nervousness and fear of being perceived as worthless. On the way home, I realized that allowing myself to feel challenged and shaken symbolizes my willingness to leave my comfort zone.  If I feel stability, I'm usually stuck with my routine. All the more I have to be alarmed  during this situation. Stability is good but always staying in the middle of my comfort zone means depriving myself of greater heights and opportunities.