Indeed, this is my favourite Korean drama series for the year! While writing this, I checked my past posts and discovered that I haven't made any exclusive post for this favourite past time. If my memory still serves me right, I was able to finish Jang Ok Jung, The Heirs, My Love from Another Star and The Innocent Man. 

Jang Ok Jung and Innocent Man are literally and figuratively heavy drama. Literally because I'm also having a gloomy day when I reach the episodes that showcase the martyrdom of the lead character. Haha (Affected much ang lola)

I watched Jang Ok Jung mostly because of my girl crush, Kim Tae Hee. I may sound already biased but Kim Tae Hee's acting reached a higher level in this series. She was able to render an angelic portrayal of Korea's notorious royal concubine during the Joseon Dynasty. For those who have watched the drama series Dongyi, the wicked Jang hu-bin is actually the same person as Jang Ok Jung. The Innocent Man piqued my interest because of the twisted story line. During its local airing, my attention also caught the handsome lead character, Kang Maru. And yes, I admit it. I sometimes watch drama series because of the good looking leading man or villain.  Haha 

My Love from Another Star and The Heirs ... oh well, blame the bandwagon effect. Everyone around me was raving about it. Though to be honest, I didn't become a fan of The Heirs. It appealed to me as another version of Meteor Garden or Boys Over Flowers. Adding up to this, I'm not a fan of Park Shin Hye's acting. I watched Miracle in Cell no. 7 too and sorry so say, Park Shin Hye's acting was too flat and bland for me. 

Going back to the real intention of this post, I intend to highlight the reasons why I'm declaring The Master's Sun as this year's favourite. I initially saw teasers of The Master's Sun during its local airing. My attention was specifically caught by the driving force of the series. Whenever Tae Gong-shil touches The CEO (Joo-Jong won) her special power of seeing ghosts vanishes. The reason for this was not explained in the series. Or did I just miss it? What was only clear to me was the obvious ending. The knight in shining armour will eventually become a love interest. Despite this point of weakness, I enjoyed the transition and the sub stories that led to the evident fairy tale ending. 

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There were a lot of ghost sightings and misadventures in the series. One thing I can assure to those who lack the bravery ;) to watch ghost films, The Master's Sun is HORROR-COMEDY. The photos above summarise my favourite ghost encounters. How a lost pair of shoes solved a crime,  the children who later found their way to heaven after living a miserable life, the rich matriarch who discovered the real love interest of her lone and dead grandson and the trash can that served as a guide to The CEO and Tae Gong-shil's love story. 

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Kang Woo is another cute guy who provided the element of my much needed crush interest love triangle. There was that symbolic necklace, very common among Korean drama series, and the last photo was one of my favourite light moments in the series. 

My overall rating for The Master's Sun is 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to everyone willing to awaken their hopeless romantic hormones ;) and those seeking a light and entertaining drama series.

Up to my list is Angel Eyes. I'm quite reluctant to watch the series because it belongs to the cluster of heavy drama. Any recommendations in the genre of romantic comedies?