Just woke up and realized that lunch time is already over ;) I had a tiring week despite reporting only for work last Wednesday. I failed to beat a project's deadline. All my fault, sorry :( Before the week ended, I finished the first level of the short course I won from a recent convention. I want to finish the entire course for myself. Unfortunately, I'm not prepared for the monetary expenses and the succeeding classes will surely demand a lot of my time. I have yet to discuss this to my Big Boss. Hopefully, we can work out a better plan for this.

I went back to school last week - Tiring yet so fulfilling! 

After a long school day, I treated myself to a slice of cake from my favorite, Banapple!

For this year, this has to be my favorite Korean drama series. I'm nearing the ending but I'm preventing myself to finish the series. The Master's Sun is just too good to end. (Hello Rose!)

The rare times I'm able to see Makati's business district. Despite almost getting dead tired from my short course, I decided to drop by Ayala Triangle to check out the famous light and sound show. Only to later discover that it is yet to start on November 20. lol

Home. The rare times I can see and experience daylight from home. It may still be early but I'm already looking forward to my next holiday break. These rare times also make me think of gradually building my career to freelancing. When the workplace does not anymore permit my age to work, I look forward on having this backup career. I also admit that at some point, I'm having second thoughts about this. Maybe I can spend my entire day working, I'll have my afternoon fitness schedule (I badly need it) and on weekends, I will have those food escapades with my friends and family. Decisions. Decisions. But honestly, I'm way far from this. I have debts and insurances to settle. I have yet to increase my investments. I have to fatten my savings account. I have to build my retirement fund. So many financial goals and targets.. sometimes, I just want to say, I'll figure things out when I get there. :)