My personal target every year is to see at least one new place. It may not necessarily be in another country. As long as it's an island, town or city I haven't seen, it can already qualify. Two years ago, I always dreamed of seeing a new country every year. Unfortunately, the wallet no longer permits and my usual travel buddies temporarily retired because of the same reason. This year, I think have hit my target courtesy of the annual summer outing of the workplace. Barely two months before the year ends, I was able to add another place in my list. Thanks to my dear friend A for initiating this trip.

To be honest, I wasn't highly interested with the place when A presented the idea. What pushed me to join was ... the sake of friendship. Haha Peer pressure that is. I don't want to disappoint a dear friend. My travel target later gave me another reason to join.  I have to mention that the trip has been rescheduled many times. I don't want to mention who to blame. Hello Inday! Haha We wanted the gang to be complete but our dearest Inday decided to decline. So despite being incomplete, the troop headed to Calauan Laguna for this much planned trip.

After almost a two-hour bus ride from Manila, we finally reached our destination.

We were greeted with a large open space ;) which is good news for motorists. Parking space is not a problem. There were towering structures and a very loud yet inviting music.

These humongous structures welcomed us as soon as we entered the restaurant. We were mesmerized so we ended exploring the place. We forgot our main intention, to have lunch after a long trip. ;) This later became a mistake because we didn't notice the restaurant's policy. Guests should report to the information area first before acquiring a seat. I initially find this fault on us. However, I later realized that the receptionists should have approached and asked us. No one from them bothered to inform us of this policy.

This is the information / waiting area I've been relating. We encountered a minor problem here. We were given a table right in front of the restaurant's musical performer. I wasn't comfortable so we requested for another place. This meant another 15 minutes of waiting. We were later given a better seat. It was a nipa hut that gives an aerial view of the entire restaurant. Yay for excellent view! Unfortunately, this advantage gives a little trade off.  Since the area is located in an elevated spot, expect some delays in the service.

Our nipa hut, almost perfect if only it was properly cleaned. Yes, we have minor issues with the cleanliness of the table and utensils. There were ants and some fragments from the nipa hut's roof. To compensate, the designated waiter voluntarily cleaned our table.

Here are more photos from our perfect view

Oh, hi there Spiderman! ;) 

We ordered a few dishes which include Pork Spare Ribs, Sauteed Shrimp, Bone Marrow Soup, Green Mango Salad and some fruit shakes. You can see the photos in my previous Beautiful Sunday post.If I will rate the food, I'll give it 3 out 5 stars. Yes, unfortunately my taste buds are not that impressed. If given the chance to revisit, I will surely choose another dish from the menu.

After taking our lunch, we decided to continue exploring the place.

A tip if you have plans visiting the place, please bring mosquito repellant lotion or spray. ;) 

This area gave me a feel of Bali

that later turned to Thailand ;)

One of the free amenities is the short boat ride

 The main attraction from the boat ride

I guess this is really the main attraction of the restaurant.

Yes, I tried the Tacsiyapo and IT FELT GOOD!! lol

The place has other attractions ideal for kids. 

Disneyland meets Universal Studios ;)

The Sankilo Bridge Challenge - Brave guests can take the challenge by crossing the bridge carrying a kilo of water. Winning challengers will take home a kilo of assorted fish as prize.

 A final reminder for those who have plans visiting Isdaan. Please bring plenty of Php 20 bills. Trust me, it can save you.

After spending almost half of our day in Isdaan, we moved to our next destination. We planned to visit the historical Nagcarlan Church. Unfortunately, we arrived too late. We were not able to see the interiors of the Church and the underground cemetery.  We left with this photo.

I'm not sure if the Church is maintaining this kind of appearance. In my opinion, the church needs some cleaning though. I find the dust, cobwebs, molds and wild plants a bit disturbing.

This tower houses the kampana (bell) of the church that is more than a hundred year old. This chapel has been used as the location for this local drama series.

Minus the rare yet major headache that attacked me on the way home, I was happy that I took this trip with my friends. It was a great way to start my short holiday break.. that is about to end tomorrow. :)