What's the point of making a wish list if no one will ever fulfill it? Hahaha Pardon my bitterness. Maybe I'm just PMS-ing or having one of those unexplained moody attacks. So before going to work, I decided to entertain myself by compiling another shopaholic list. There's no way for me to purchase these because I already made advanced Xmas purchases. Nevertheless, let me compile some items that remain in my wishlist. Who knows, I'll have a secret and surprise Santa... Oh well, I think that's another wish to begin with. ;)

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Monogram Necklace - I've explored Etsy and local producers for this monogram necklace. There are a lot of excellent manufacturers to choose from. Unfortunately, the hefty price tag prevents me from investing to this piece of personalized jewelry. If I will have more freelance works next year, this can serve as my next project. I particularly prefer the version in white gold .... which is definitely more expensive.

Unique Wooden Dining Chairs - This has remained as a promise for my family. Late last year, I was about to purchase a similar wooden chair from a neighborhood sash factory. Unfortunately, the owner can't wait for my 13th month pay. He sold the design to another buyer.

Book Shelf and Working Table - Exactly like this! My books and my laptop are contained in one area.

Vita Fede's Leather Bracelet - Another very expensive want!!! The last time I checked, a simple leather bracelet from Vita Fede costs around Php 6,000?!?

Photos not owned by the author

This Cath Kidston Wallet - The blue version is already on sale on Cath Kidston's site. Blue is my favorite color but I'm beginning to prefer the lighter color.

Lacoste's Women Polo Shirt - Yes, it has to be in blue! When I have the money to acquire one, I hope there will be decent sizes available for me.

Kipling's Beonica Shoulder Bag - So expensive at Php 7,200 from Zalora Philippines!!! I'm trying to use my discount codes only to later discover that it will never happen. This item is excluded in Zalora's promos.

Tom's Ballet Flats in Shinny Ivory Burlap - My size is no longer available in Toms' online store. I checked local retailers and learned that this style is no longer available. My only hope is Amazon and the Black Friday Deal.