I do admit that I belong to the percentile of women born with the  highest level of sensitivity. In local parlance, balat sibuyas (onion-skinned).

This can actually explain why I'm more prone to suffer from that hellish BAD BAD BAD mood. God designed me that way. ;) If my self-diagnosis and jargon are accurate, my mood swings arise from two factors: biological and environment. 

Biological is caused by PMS-ing, lack of sleep, stress, exhaustion and the like. This type of bad mood is harder to explain but suffice to say, I can easily handle and survive. 


The other source of my mood swings is the culprit of everything. Environment is attributed to the situation and people around me. Something I cannot prevent and admittedly, the hardest to handle. When I'm pissed off to an uncooperative and annoying colleague, morning arguments, unsupportive superior, inconsiderate beings, gossipers, backstabbers, and when everything perfectly connives to disappoint me. Okay, I'll be honest. I'm currently suffering from the worst mood now. :'( And as you can sense it, this explains the post. 
In my 30 years of existence, I can claim that I have successfully managed this "blessing" / "struggle."  My mood swings have never caused any major destruction. Haha There maybe instances when I raised my voice and wore my screamingly irritated face. Other than these, I have never shouted or caused any physical harm to anyone. I would either isolate myself or maintain my silence for an entire day. Yes, I may sound too talkative here but in reality, I can survive a working day without ever talking to anyone. And I prefer to survive my struggle that way.

Ironic as it seems but my hyper-sensitivity is coupled with hyper-composure. Is there such word? This makes me realize how the Creator above messed up my genetic makeup. A very sensitive personality trapped inside the body of a very reserved being. Imagine Kris Aquino trapped and hampered inside Kate Middleton's personality. Pardon my ambitious analogy. Haha But really, I'm proud to say that my capability to keep my composure never failed to save me.