I cannot recall who was the first person who told me that men tend to gossip more than the females. I've encountered several articles such as this.  I didn't buy the idea not until I experienced it for myself. Heck, it was so true!!! I want to relate the details on how I first adhered to the generalization. The juicy story behind it would beat all those blind items in the showbiz section of the local tabloids. Hahaha Within the week, I actually had another personal experience with men who love to gossip. It may sound funny but the onion-skinned person in me was rather pissed off. I related my experience to my friend AFM a few hours ago. We later arrived at another conclusion. We both shared the belief that everyone is a natural gossiper. This can be attributed to the natural curiosity imbibed within us. Despite this commonality, we later realized that there's still a dividing line that segments the natural gossipers in us. Respect. 

When I was transferred to my current department, the distance between my Boss' area and my table was less than a meter. We were occupying a very small office space. Whenever my Boss has a visitor, I can hear and understand their conversations without any effort. This may sound tempting but during those times I was rather feeling uncomfortable. Hence, I always move out of the office whenever we have visitors. My female intuition hormones also helped. I can easily sense an upcoming discussion of something confidential and sensitive. 

When we moved to another office, my Boss opted for open spaces. No concrete barriers or separators from his area to our cubicles.  Despite the increase in space, it was still easy for us to eavesdrop conversations. Whenever I can sense discussions that shouldn't be heard, my initial line of defense was to move out of the office. As to my other colleague, oh well I don't want to detail HIS attitude. When I was discussing an issue to my Boss, I knew it. I knew that he was eavesdropping. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. When I returned to my table, it felt like a similar bomb exploded on me. My dearest colleague wasn't able to control his undesirable, out of place and disrespectful curiosity. He said something enough to convince me that indeed ... MEN LOVE TO GOSSIP MORE. 

If I have been in the shoes of my colleague, I will offer that space of RESPECT. I was fighting my tears and it became too obvious with my voice. To make things worst, I never received comforting words when I went back to my cubicle. All I heard was the distinct words of a hungry male gossiper.