Where did time go? I still remember how I dragged myself to report back for work last January. It took me months before I got used to writing 2014 from 2013. A month from now, another year will enter and as always, there will be another set of stories waiting to be documented here. Before I face the last month of the year, let me recount the few beautiful things that happened last week... the last of the pre-Christmas month.

Been to the Pink Kingdom - I was sent out to report to another place in the middle of the week. Before going home, I visited one of the largest malls in the world. I wasn't able to buy anything (whew, achievement!). I thought I will be able to leave home with nothing not until I discovered this Barbie exhibit for Xmas. I may not be a fan of color pink but I do appreciate the beautiful kingdom of the pink princess.

Mary Grace's Sans rival - is love! The only way to end a bad and frustrating day. Thank you Mary Grace for providing me the most affordable means to happiness.

Forever Favorite - Had a really bad morning at work so I ended treating myself with the crispiest and juiciest Chickenjoy from Jollibee.

Cello's Doughnuts - The need to stress eat really intensified this week. To my defense, I didn't finish the entire box. ;)

My most favorite time of the year housed in my favorite sinful beverage :)

It's a celebration!!! - My lone surviving grandfather celebrated his 90th birthday this weekend. We were reunited with my paternal relatives and before the day ended, the last guests were the surviving graduates of Batch 1937. Lolo and his classmates, everyone at 90 years old!!  And the youngest member of the Fun Fab Fam is always there to entertain everyone. The little man was claiming that he was a dinosaur out to scare everyone. ;)