I grew up wondering why the older people in the family are having that meaningful glances and suppressed laughter whenever we pass by that famous chain of motels in Pasig or Manila. When I dared to ask an older cousin, it looked like everyone was finally given the signal to release their most repressed laughter. The curiosity intensified and as expected, I learned the reason behind everything in school. Not from my teachers, but courtesy of my more advanced and knowledgeable classmates. :D Okay, motels serve as a venue for adult activities. I learned the purpose of motels from its negative connotation.

Before finishing High School, I remember a teacher who explained to us the real purpose of motels. It was infused in one of the discussions about History. Motorists / Motor Hotel were built to cater the segment of the budget conscious travelers. This was one of those instances when I have proven that it's really the people who creates bad places.

Aside from motels, my favourite virtual place gave me the same lesson. Some elder members of the family would always utter their disgust over Facebook, especially for my cousins who are still schooling. Facebook is distraction. Fine! Fine! I agree only to some extent because in my case, Facebook provided me some useful tools. I was able to reconnect with long lost friends and classmates. When I lost my mobile phone, it was easier for me to retrieve my contacts. I was able to easily communicate with relatives abroad. It was easier and better than the old school Yahoo Messenger. Sometimes I even gain freelance clients from Facebook. Former clients who lost my contact information can easily search and provide me referrals. My appreciation for Facebook intensified when it was easier for me to send and transfer documents than email.

While I'm loving the benefits of this favourite virtual place, some members of the family still refuse to see its positive side. I cannot blame them because they knew stories of relatives and friends whose relationships were shattered through Facebook. Unfortunately for me, I feel bad that one of my favorite places is virtually polluted by mere immaturity and wrong deeds.

A perfect example would be this long time cyber quarrel involving a group of relatives. Relative X expressed a rant through a status message. Even though there was no mentioning of names, it was obvious that everything was pointed to Relative Y. In return, Relative Y did the same act against Relative X.... and the exchange of harsh words went on and on.... I cannot even recall how this virtual storm finally subsided. All I can remember was some elder members of the family discouraged us from using our Facebook accounts. Of course, the hard-headed members (including myself) never listened. Haha Not until recently, there was another relative who left a comment on one of our family photos. There was an obviously hidden sarcasm attached to the comment. I told my closest cousins about it and as a result, the sphygmomanometer at home became useful again. Hahahaha Everyone was throwing suggestions on how to return the sarcasm. In the end, we chose to ignore and feast over another set of sinful meals....and upload another family photo Hahahaha Now that you are beginning to know my family, you already have an idea what to give us this Christmas. Gift certificates from Lydia's Lechon that is coupled with discount cards from St .Lukes or Medical City. Hahaha

I believe I don't need to explain more. Places don't have the capacity to self-destruct. We know who to blame.