Wednesday, December 3, 2014

30 Things Life Taught Me # 24 - Some good things never change


I have been stressed out and irritated by some people recently. I was so tempted to text and vent out my sentiments to my BFF who already moved to another company. I'm almost willing to meet her over one weekend. I was however taken aback when I remembered my own promise. I need to handle things on my own. I was willing to endure everything when two people came to rescue me. One was another dear friend MFA and the other was a former mentor.  

MFA and I have been friends since my first month at the workplace. I don't know how it happens but every time something upsets me, MFA will suddenly me invite for dinner after work. I cannot imagine how I survived my lowest points at work without MFA. My friendship with MFA wasn't perfect though. We have silent misunderstandings and disagreements. But because MFA and I became "grown up" friends, we learned to let go of our conflicts and arguments. It has been 10 years and I'm thankful that my friendship with MFA remained the same. 

My other rescue was my former mentor. It has been years since I had a personal talk with my former mentor. Initially, I was so reluctant to meet her for the same reason. My pride and selfishness are conniving to make me believe that I'm strong enough to endure everything. But I gave up. I messaged my former mentor and much to my surprise, she accommodated me without second thoughts. Everything was all set in a matter of seconds. I had my first Christmas dinner / heart-to-heart talk / stress busting activity with my former mentor. It was a great relief to know that my relationship with my former mentor didn't change. She was the same person who has been silently proud and supportive of my endeavours. 

I remember a few months ago when I said that people come and go. It's a reality I have to accept. But my dinner with my former mentor counterbalanced everything. Some people leave but there are those who silently remain. The best part of everything is discovering that there are still some good things that never change. 


  1. It always helps to talk things over with a friend. Sometimes they can just see a perspective we're unable to, because of the circumstances and how close we are to those circumstances. Sometimes seeing it from a distance through someone else's eyes really helps.

  2. It was a wise decision for you to have initiated a talk with your mentor. In life daw, dapat may mentor talaga, even sa pag-invest yan din nababasa ko dapat may mentor. Haha. You're a strong girl, but syempre sometimes we have to share our sentiments with somebody who understands (and can relate to) our issues. It's nice how some people can remain the same good people we know they are years after years. :)


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