First Sunday post for December! My favorite time of the year has already started. The start of Christmas parties, dinner reunion with good old friends and more importantly, a lot of expenditures on the way. :) November didn't end quite good for me. There were some work issues that tested me. It appeared like every good news was coupled with bad news. The silver lining of everything, I found myself in the company of great friends. On the first day of December, I had dinner with one of my former mentors. She immediately accommodated me despite her busy schedule. And because I don't anymore have evening classes, I had those random and unhealthy fastfood dinner with my few workplace friends. My struggles and workplace issues remains unresolved. I cannot however deny that spending a few hours with great friends made a difference.

Apart from the company of great friends, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

Tree of Sweets - I remember Singapore's Candylicious Shop. This maybe smaller but the hanging lollipos are real! The one in the middle is almost the same size of a regular dining plate. 

Movie and Mall date with A - We took advantage of SM's Free Movie Day yesterday. We finished the day by having a belly heavy dinner. 

Siomai and Chili - Lazy to cook. Almost broke. But dreaming of a great dinner. This can work for me after a long day. All problems solved at Php 28.

Smores from7-11 - I never thought I would be addicted to Smores. Never mind the calories and the price tag (I find it pricey for Php 35), if I will experience that temporary happiness.

One item down from my wish list - Okay, I confess.... this shirt was way out of budget. It's not only my shopaholic hormones that should be blamed though. My mood swings and the little predicament from work are to blame. I maybe happy but deep inside I'm already making calculations on how to survive the remaining days, while my 13th month pay is starting to vanish.

It arrived Mother E! - After taking home the contents of the package, my mother kept everything so I can't anymore take decent photos of these beautiful pieces. (Sorry Mother E, kinamkam ng Nanay ko hahaha)

Another set of great memories - More photos from my Lolo's 90th birthday. 

Hi there Healthy Olaf!  - This is the cutest and healthiest Olaf  I've ever seen. I just wish I could take him home. But this fat boy belongs to my Boss. And why does he does he have to be dressed in blue? All the more he's' attractive to my eyes.