Last week marked the start of what seems to be an endless month of EATING, EATING and more EATING. ;) The Christmas parties, dinner with good old friends, and my little birthday celebrations. While most people only give me one present for my birthday and Christmas, my birthday also serve as our small Christmas party. Yes, one of the unfortunate fate of being born in December. Haha Your friends are spared from buying separate gifts. Likewise, they are eagerly waiting for my birthday treat that serves as an instant Christmas party. Haha

Setting aside my repetitive Birthday and Christmas sentiments, here are the few beautiful things that made my past week.

The challenge of waking up early in December?!? - This semester is better because I don't anymore have evening classes. The trade off of this is having 7 am classes. Recently, I'm not anymore seeing any drop of sunshine before going to work. 

No work, more eating! - Bad! Bad! Bad! Work was suspended last Monday and Tuesday. The colder weather is unfortunately not helping me.... lose weight. Bed weather, no work, Korean drama series marathon best come with bags of my favorite junk food and a bottle of Coke... with a little cheesy message ;)

Snippets from the workplace's Christmas party - This year's theme was futuristic?!? Like, Lady Gaga, The Fifth Element, Star Wars?  If only I have the body and confidence, I would love to be Catwoman hahahahaha I ended wearing all black. There were colleagues who really came all the way. Wish I could seek permission to share their photos. What I can only share is from my boss, whose costume I didn't understand. Haha  Aside from getting entertained with my colleagues' costumes, I enjoyed the group bingo game. Every table was given a life size bingo card to play with.

My favorite from Brownies Unlimited - The cheapest yet tastiest cupcake for me. Pardon the repetitive appearance of this cupcake in my blog. But this has been my constant and favorite companion whenever things at work are not doing well or when I have those unpredictable mood swings.

Popcorn! - Another cheapest source of happiness. A bowl of microwable popcorn for less than Php 40. I've been tempted to try Chicago and Garrett. Are these brands worth the money? ;) 

Vanilla Cupcakes - Great food, Cath Kidston and the company of my favorite bloggers!!!! Will blog about this during my most awaited Xmas vacay.

Guess where I went after! - Two people gave me a free trip to Cath Kidston. Ang bait nila sobra! Will blog about this soon.