I'm writing this post still bearing that huge smile on my face. There's no question about Cath Kidston making me the happiest. There are other reasons that made my trip to Cath Kidston more memorable. Prior to my visit, I was able to meet two of my favorite bloggers. Hi Mother E of The Pseudoshrink and Leah of The Bright Spot! Our brunch deserves a separate blog post. :) After our meeting in Vanilla Cupcake, Leah and her husband AJ dropped me off to the actual store. Nahihiya ako pero ang saya ko lang! As someone who rarely visits Makati and BGC, it would take a lot of effort to navigate directions. But Leah made everything easier for me. Thank you Leah, I will always remember your kindness. :)

To those who want to visit Cath Kidston in BGC via commute, you can take the BGC Bus that travels the East Route. Alight from the 30th Street or the 4th stop and walk towards the 9th Avenue or the Bonifacio High Street. An alternative is walking straight from Market Market to Serendra. Active Fun's building is approximately two blocks away from Serendra Park.

Since I live far away from BGC, visiting Cath Kidston is quite a hassle. Hence, I wasn't able to take advantage of their 20% discount on their opening week. In a way, this became a blessing because I was able to control my shopaholic hormones. :D So much of my introduction, i'll let the photos relate everything.

I'm finally here! I'm facing a real Cath Kidston store.

A home filled with Cath Kidston items, why not... minus the hefty price tag. Yes, prices are quite steep for some items. A mug costs Php 599 per piece?!?

Not for sale ;) but I'm loving even the interior design of the store


Buffet of wallets!

London Buses, one of my favorite Cath Kidston prints

Day bags!!!!

The classic book bags whose size and material I underestimated.The book bag is so big and sturdy.

And this overnight bag too. 

There are a lot of beautiful items that made it in my wish list. Unfortunately, the price tag never fails to become the antagonist of my story. On the average, a bag would range from Php 2,500 to 5,000. If my estimates are correct, you can check the GBP prices on Cath Kidston's main site. Use the conversion rate of Php 76 and add roughly Php 500 to 800. Not bad, considering that shipping rate from UK would land around Php 1,500.

Not that I'm discouraging purchase from the local store, but the cost effective way to acquire a bag is through the online sale in UK. To dilute the hefty shipping fee, you can pool orders with friends and relatives. This is what Mother E, Leah and I have been and will continue to do. (Yes, the #CathKidstonSisterhood will continue despite the presence of a local branch.) The disadvantage of this, you are limited to the designs and styles. You are left with whatever collections are available for sale. 

Since prices are quite steep for me, I limited my purchase to one bag ;) 

My first Cath Kidston book bag :)