I have been on self-imposed house arrest over the holiday break. I'm loving my slow and quiet time and best about everything, I'm able to spare myself from spending. I'm saving myself from the temptation to become shopaholic again. :) I'm also preventing myself from savouring those unhealthy food intakes. Days after being confined at home, I was able to get out this morning to meet my friend A. We chose a more discreet mall to watch a movie and indulge to my favourite unhealthy restaurant meals again. On the way home, I felt uneasy and realized that I lost one of my favourite wrist watches. My guess is that it was snatched away as were walking out of the movie house. I remember walking with the crowd of people and felt a slight force from my left wrist.  

We were inside the mall and it was easy for me to replace my favourite wrist watch. I have a credit card and I can easily apply for a zero based instalment program. But I didn't allow myself to get to another trouble. Whew! I was able to resist the temptation given that most shops are hosting a yearend sale. I can further console myself by buying another pair of shoes or nice blouse. But my self-control hormones are finally working. I walked out the mall without buying anything for myself. I felt sad but not necessarily deprived. My mind jumped to another problem, the upcoming bills to play and plans for 2015. Oh well, there's another set of financial matters to deal with. This later gave me a flashback of my first decade of working, my first 10 years of earning money. Did I really manage my money well? One thing later dawned on me, my next decade of earning and working should be better. Maybe I messed up in my 20s. Or perhaps, I didn't totally mess up. I just grew up. I'm finally enlightened of what should I have done more. 

I have to make a mental note to get back on this post years from now. A decade from now, life should be better. I should be wiser and happier. I have an emergency fund. I have my target savings account. All insurance premiums are paid. I have my own set of investments and my next goal then, my own real estate property.