The last week at work also meant the last leg of all the dinner and parties I have to attend. The earliest I went home was 11:30 pm. Most of the time, I reach home the next day already. Haha In the middle of the past week, I thought I was free. I was hoping to go home early. Everything changed when a few workplace friends invited me for dinner. Change of plans, what should I expect? I failed to catch the last trip of the train. We only ate at McDonald's because something unexpected happened inside the department store. Wish I could relate everything here, can I just say that my good friends went shopping for their prospective Mr. Right?!? While me? I was contemplating how to stretch my last few money before Christmas. I'm beginning to become talkative again here. I'm already losing the real intention of this post. Sorry, naman. Hahaha

Before we left the mall, our attention was caught by this colorful signage.

A selfie studio? Why the need for a studio? Selfies can be taken anytime and everywhere.

Our curiosity led us to check out what is it about the studio. And before we knew it, we became their last customers for that day.

In a nutshell, Click Selfie offers "photography services without the photographer." True to the concept of selfies, the clients themselves become the photographers. The studio offers rooms equipped with a mounted DSLR camera, LCD TV that provides the camera preview and a remote control that serves as the clicker. Clients can choose the duration of the pictorial session that ranges from 15 mins to 1 hour. Despite the limited duration though, clients are free to take unlimited number of photos or selfies. 

What makes their services unique and special, clients can choose from an array of costumes and background that provides the theme. Clients are given a catalogue of costumes and backgrounds. In our case, we chose the around the world or travel theme. For my costume, I chose a Hanbok or the traditional Korean dress. I believe I don't need to explain why. ;)

From left clockwise : The Bride, The Egyptian, Frustrated Korean and Maya ni Sir Chief wannabee haha

The more important question is the price of Click Selfie's services. I failed to take a photo of their price list. In our case, we paid Php 130 per head for a session that lasted for 15 mins. The payment is inclusive of the electronic copy of the photos and a few print outs. This is the best thing I appreciate about Click Selfie, clients are given the raw jpg files. And since the studio uses a Canon DSLR, pictures appear with high and clear resolution. Note: I added some filters to the photos uploaded. 

The pricing of the studio is dependent on the duration of the session and the number of heads. Although personally, I believe that the studio is best only for a group of three persons. The mounted camera can only capture portrait shots. No opportunities for wide or landscape angles. Likewise, the limited size of the studio provides a little challenge to fit four people in a fixed angle shot.  

Despite the minor constraints, I highly recommend Click Selfie's services. More than the photos, everyone will surely have a great time during the session. True to the owner's claim, everyone is leaving the studio with big smiles on their faces. I didn't regret the fact that I was left by the train's last trip. The staff of the studio are very accommodating too. They accepted us even when it's almost closing time. I can say that this is one of best Php 130 I spent. 

As of date, Click Selfie maintains one branch in SM Manila. Click here for more information about Click Selfie.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.