How timely that my 140th Beautiful Sunday post corresponds to my last Sunday post for 2014. Instead of writing another melancholy and sentimental post, I decided to compile my favourite Beautiful Sunday photos. 

Family Celebrations comprise most of my Sunday post.

My Lolo's (grandpa) 90th birthday celebration! We had an instant reunion with my paternal family. We were able to successfully invite Lolo's remaining classmates and the cutest kid in the family never fails to make everyone the happiest.

Another member of my fun fab fam acquired the best discount card of all time ;) welcome to senior citizenship Tito O

Aside from my family, FRIENDS will always make it to my beautiful memories

Last days at work of my dearest friend T. Count a few more months and it's been a year since I'm having lone lunch breaks.

Holly's Coffee - This coffee shop is special to me because it housed some of my favourite Korean drama series. Glad that it also landed in the Philippines!

Another Korean coffee shop in the Philippines - I love Cafe Noriter!

One last photo with T and snippets of our favorite weekend toy ;)

My BFF might have left me but I wasn't alone on those special occasions at the workplace.

The most awaited Christmas party at the workplace.

The edited photo can't hide my exhausted and lousy face. Check my photo below with my dear friend CC. I look more fresh and relaxed. 

And how could I remove work from this blogging series

The major project at work - My first time to leave work beyond 10 pm and our office has never been this disastrous. The outcome of this major project is still uncertain. We are still waiting for the results but deep inside, I'm conditioning myself not to expect anything. Not another grown up heartache ;) 

It was this year when the Boss started to tag me to management committee meetings. I will also remember the rare cold temperature of January 2013. I was able to legitimately wear turtle necks and jackets to work. I will never forget that night when we walked along Lucky China Town Mall and Binondo feeling so cold. Almost like Hong Kong! I was able to document some nice photos here.  

The annual employees' awards night with CC. I love that I don't look so fat and bloated in a not-so-cheap black blouse. I look way better here than the annual Christmas party. 

Working on weekends, my first time to finally watch Frozen, my bag from Lands' End and a rare photo with the last batch of my Economics kiddies.

The annual dance festival at the workplace, I finally got a decent seat to capture photos. 

Cold and gloomy mornings I appreciate. Photo on the left is my favourite sight because it meant no sleep after completing a freelance work.

This year officially started with my addiction to online shopping abroad. 

I forgo international travel for me this year.  I was however not deprived of discovering beautiful places within my country. 

The venue for our team building activity. Nothing special and fancy about the place. I however appreciate the greeneries and the open spaces.

I also believe that these photos gave me my best editing output.

Another new place I visited this year 

Probably my best shot from Bataan White Corals Beach Resort

Another new place, Isdaan is is one of the must see places in the Philippines.

I went back to school last November. It was a decision I will never regret. Hopefully, I'll finish the entire course on March 2015. My favorite slice of cake from Banapple and for this year, The Master's Sun is officially my favorite Korean drama series.

And how could I forget all the foodie uploads

Brownies Unlimited's Php 35 cupcake is always a regular item in my blog. I also have my favorite cookies from Sophie's Mom, and green mangoes with shrimp paste.

There was a time when my friend CC became addicted to Auntie Anne's pretzel. Being the supportive friend, I cannot count how many times I've eaten to Auntie Anne this year. Mrs. Fields' cookies is finally available to a place near me, the french macarons has to make it in my list and the classic Filipino street food.

Red Lanterns and Sincerity Chicken remain as one of our favorite staple from Binondo

CaliBurger! While the reviews are not great, I enjoyed my first time here with my dearest friend T.

One of the most awaited movies of the year!

Bon Chon chicken, favorite "dirty " ice cream, chicken intestines and this massage chair that gave me the best expenditure for Php 20.

I was able to complete my Beautiful Sunday post this year. I never missed any Sunday although I have to say that my posts can still be improved. I don't want to impose a specific target for next year. I will continue to post my regular Sunday series and hopefully improve my post and photos.

I may not have seen the Land of the Morning Calm but my dream of wearing a handbok came true. Almost there, South Korea! :)

Till my next Beautiful Sunday post on 2015! :)