I don't want to end 2014 with a melancholy mood. I remember making a very sad post about my 31st birthday. I browsed my picture files and noticed a few photos from my past birthday.

First time to take a birthday leave - I started my day by waking up late.  No pressures from the always irritating alarm clock Haha

I treated myself to my favorite home-cooked meals. I had Kare-Kare for lunch with my family, nachos and McDonald's delivery to end the day.

Pizza! Pizza! - I treated my workplace friend for pizza the day after my birthday.

Early birthday celebration with my best friend T! I was able to finally try 8 Cuts Burger. Wish I had taken more photos of the place for my review. I enjoyed my short meeting and overflowing stories with my best friend. On the way home, I was able to buy a slice of my favorite Banoffee pie from Banapple. 

Next year, I'm not sure if I will still celebrate my birthday at home. I surely love the day off but I would love to spend it in another place with my family.