And yes, we are having a colder Christmas :) Manila is having rare rainfall on the 24th. 

In case you have noticed, I have become a very active blogger lately. I can prepare a blog post everyday. Blame the my two-week holiday break. I'm enjoying my slow and quiet time at home. After all the Xmas parties and random dinner last week, I have been occupied with nothing. :)  I go out once in a while for errands but the entire day is spent mostly at home. I'm on house arrest and surprisingly, I don't feel bored at all. Yes, these are shouting evidences that I'm really ageing. I begin  to appreciate all the silence and stillness. 

I've prepared this post before Christmas eve. In a short while, I will attend the anticipated Xmas mass with my mother. When we get home, we will have our usual family dinner. Hopefully, there will be a nice movie in Cinema One for my parents. On Christmas day, we will have lunch together and I might visit my paternal family. I have been doing this holiday routine for years and I will never get tired of it. I look forward on spending more time with my family. Nothing really grand, loud and fancy. I'm happy and thankful of my monotonous, simple and traditional Christmas celebration with my family. 

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is having a great one too.