So I was one of those who were amazed with Dominique Ansel's Cookie Shots. He is the same genius who invented the cronuts. The cronuts didn't appeal much to me. I was rather interested with the cookies molded to a shot glass, served with fresh farm milk. While I don't have any chance to taste his creations, there are local bakers who made their own version. Among the local versions, it was Cookie Bar Manila that captured my attention. Most of the reviews I've read related positive results. Added to this the mouth watering photos I encountered from Instagram, I was convinced to try Cookie Bar Manila's version. 

Cookie Bar Manila's lone shop is situated in Kapitolyo Pasig, quite far from home and I'm not really familiar with the area. When we learned that they deliver, I excitedly took advantage of the opportunity. Delivery however is outsourced via Speed Regalo. I don't have problems because they have extensive payment channels and all of Cookie Bar Manila's items are available. I thought I will be able to proceed not until I discovered that shipping will cost Php 250 ?!? Paying Php 250 shipping for a set of cookie shot glasses that cost Php 320, doesn't sound like a practical idea. To compensate the very expensive shipping fee, I encouraged my cousin (my partner in crime haha) to purchase another item. We decided to avail the next cheapest item, the mini premium cookie cups. All in all, we paid around Php 800 for two boxes of cookies. Expensive but for the sake of curiosity, we are willing to take the risk ;) 

I placed my order the night of December 16.  We considered that our order is good for posting on December 17. Ordering online was a breeze. No technical problems at all. Payment was posted in my Paypal account and I received confirmation to my registered email. One thing I noticed about the transaction, they never gave me an exact date for delivery. Although they have a tracking facility, I have to log in to my account to access. I find it quite inconvenient.

Given that I paid Php 250 for shipping, I was expecting that Speed Regalo will perform "speed" for the hefty fee. Like next day delivery to two days.  I made a follow up call twice and was told to expect the item by December 22. True enough, our orders were delivered around lunch time. All in all, 3 business days for delivery. If I will include weekends, that would be 5 days. Learning point, never place orders in the middle of the week to avoid prolonged waiting period.

I was willing to let go of the longer waiting period and the expensive shipping fee. 

Almost not until we opened the first box, SURPRISE!!! hahaha

Anyare? (What happened?) I lost my appetite... to take photos. Obviously, the box was not properly handled by the courier. 

This should have been the photo of our cookies.

As for the cookie shot glasses, we don't have problems except that some cups were starting to wear off.

Hold on for one more day... don't go breaking my heart... I don't have decent pictures yet :'(

All the while, we expected that our cookie shot glasses will be carefully packed like this


Maybe this was the fault of Speed Regalo. In fairness to them, it wasn't a total disappointment because the cookies still arrived as "cookies". Hahaha At least we can still recognize them  :)

As for the taste, I would give both the cups and shot glasses 5 out of 5 stars. I love that its soft and chewy and each has enough level of sweetness. The cookies also don't seem to change its taste and texture even after several days.

sorry, medyo hindi na photogenic

 And yes, this tastes as good as its looks!

The more important question though, am I willing to purchase again? Yes, but I'm quite reluctant availing the services of Speed Regalo. If I will have the chance to visit the Kapitolyo area, I will definitely drop by and purchase. But if I don't have a choice, I will be forced to avail the services of  Speed Regalo. Maybe I'll just lower my expectations and pray that my cookies will still arrive as cookies