I have been wanting to own a pair of Toms Ballet flats ever since it was launched in the Philippines. I once owned the classic slip ons. After my first pair, I never acquired another because it was too expensive here. I understand and appreciate the advocacy but my budget cannot stomach ripping of another Php 2,000+ for a pair. 

In the Philippines, I know three distributors, Nothing but H20, Jump/Shoe Salon and Rustan's. Although recently, they opened their first flagship store in SM Megamall. I don't have plans of buying the ballet flats because I've conditioned myself that it is exaggeratedly expensive. True enough, when I visited Nothing but H20 in Trinoma, a pair costs Php 4,440. I tried my size and while I love the fit, the price is something to hate. Hahaha I checked Shoe Salon and saw previous season's designs. A pair appears to be cheaper in Shoe Salon, it retails for Php 3,990. 

When I reached home, I checked out prices from their online store. A regular pair is sold at $84. It's really that expensive. As I was browsing the site, I learned that they only ship to US and Canada. It later dawned on me, US = thanksgiving! It was mid-November so I decided to wait and check if they participate on Black Friday Sale. The heavens connived with me because come December 1, the price of my most coveted pair dropped to $50. From Php 4,440 to around Php 2,530. Almost sounds like a great deal if shipping is not a problem. I don't anymore have an Auntie in US to save me. I thought of Johnny Air but I'm afraid of their surprise shipping fee. I budgeted around Php 1,500 and if my estimates are correct, I will be spending Php 4,030. I can save around Php 410. I waited for a day to decide. Hahaha I wanted peace of mind so before the black friday sale ends, I purchased the shoes on December 2 and left everything with Johnny Air. 

I was expecting that the shoes will arrive after Christmas, considering the bulk of Christmas and Black Friday Sale purchases. Surprise of surprises, I received a text from Johnny Air last December 11. That was so fast! The entire waiting period was only eight business days, including Toms' turn around time. Amazing!!! Best about everything, Johnny Air surprised me with lower shipping fee. This time, I was charged around Php 860 for the shipping. I spent Php 3,390 for the entire pair. I was able to save Php 1,050 for a pair that retails for Php 4,440 in the Philippines.

A piece of advice to those who have intentions of buying from Toms.com via Johnny Air, I noticed that the box can actually fit two pairs. The Php 860 shipping fee can be diluted if you have a companion to share orders. If you are concerned about sizing, you can try sizes from the local Toms retailers. (Kapalan na lang ng mukha) I got size 8 but I have a feeling that I could also fit 8.5, my usual size in US' Payless stores. A lot of the reviews I read complained of the bigger sizing. It's true as compared to the sizing of the classic slip ons. I'm size 9 to the classic slip ons for women, I followed the reviews and downsized to 8. The size is comfortable but I feel that 8.5 would also fit me.

The more important question now is will I ever get another pair? My shopaholic hormones is telling me yes. Hahaha But no, I have to verify whether this pair would be worth its price. And just in case I will purchase again, I have to wait for a major major major sale. ;)