I said many times here that I've been blogging since 2005. At that time, I was only blogging for myself. It was only until 2010 when I turned to a more "sociable" blogger. I started to read and follow other blogs. I exchanged addresses with some of them. But meeting fellow bloggers was very rare for me. The first bloggers I met was Jannelle and Kelley. When I flew to Singapore, I met Zigird and that was almost two years ago already.  Before this year ended, I had the chance to meet another set of blog friends again. Leah was responsible for organizing everything. Thanks Leah! Our meeting last week was perfect because it was Mother E's last day in Manila and a day before my birthday. 

Leah chose the perfect venue for our brunch, Vanilla Cupcakes. The place exhibits an atmosphere that sealed our sisterhood :)

Vanilla Cupcakes is a heaven of cupcakes and Cath Kidston! 

Aside from great food, my friends showered me with gifts.

When I reached home my mother was asking if I attended another Christmas party and how many more I have to attend. Hahaha I left home with my shoulder bag and returned with plenty of paperbags. Added to this my trip to Cath Kidston, courtesy of Leah.

We talked a lot!!! How I wish I could share everything here (password protected hahaha) But really, I learned so many things from Leah and Mother E. Our brunch was so bitin! If time was not a problem, I would even join them for a pajama party. I easily became at ease with them. I became too talkative (sorry if I appeared too loud) and I never felt left out with our conversation. Belong na belong ako! haha

Leah actually wrote another post about our meet up here.