Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Bad Experience with Ensogo : Disney On Ice Tickets

I have been wanting to watch Disney on Ice ever since I was a kid. This annual event is held at the Araneta Coliseum and every time I passed by the Cubao area, I was always reminded of this kid-at-heart dream that has never been fulfilled.

When I started earning money, there were other priorities. I always end up setting side this item in my bucket list. In my mind, there will be another show next year. This year, I scrapped the plan again because I wanted to watch Bamboo's concert in Resorts World. Bwahahaha Yes, Bamboo is another part of my childhood dreams. I have been following Bamboo since I was 12 years old. So those who developed crush on him because of The Voice Philippines, sorry nauna ako sa inyong lahat. I claim crush ownership for 12 years. Ahahahaha But guess what happened to my plans. I wasn't able to watch Bamboo's concert too. Blame my failure to win the grand cash prize from our Christmas' party raffle Hahahahahaha 

Going back to the real reason of this post, I intend to share my bad experience with Ensogo. I guess I should rename this post as HOW ENSOGO RUINED MY CHILDHOOD DREAM.

Truth to be told, I never trusted Ensogo and all those companies offering very tempting coupon deals. A few of my friends have good experiences, but most stories I heard related frustrations. I broke this conviction when I saw an Ensogo sidebar ad in my Facebook account. The ad showed discounted tickets for this year's Disney on Ice. My kid at heart dream was awakened so I immediately checked the offer. After browsing the ticket prices, I decided to avail the Premium Upper Box tickets that cost around Php 300 per person. The actual price of the ticket from TicketNet would be around Php 600. I thought that this will be the best chance so I immediately purchased tickets using my Paypal account. I made the transaction early November and as shown on their terms and conditions, the tickets will be delivered late November to December 1st. 

Paying for the tickets was a breeze. No problems at all, I thought. One unusual thing I noticed, I didn't receive any email confirmation. It didn't bother me because I have successful transaction record through my Paypal account. This is actually the main reason why I prefer Paypal. If the seller fails to deliver and becomes unresponsive, the aggrieved buyer is protected by Paypal's terms and conditions. Weeks passed, it was already December 5 and no tickets arrived. (leeeech) I exhausted all means to communicate with Ensogo. 

1. Called their Customer Service Hotline - Waste of time and energy! The line was busy 24/7. Even the voice prompt machine is (sorry) so stupid. All customer service advocates are busy. Please try again later. -line gets cut off-  No mechanism to place on hold or queue the caller. I was calling them the entire day. I gave up. 

2. Online Chat - They are claiming this newest feature in their website. Customer service via chat like yahoo messenger. I tried connecting and ended the same fate with that of their telephone hotline. -Connecting- was the message that is showing on my screen...the entire day. 

3. Emailed Jaca Express - I was a bit desperate so I decided to communicate with their courier partner. I sought their assistance in tracking whether I have an upcoming delivery from Ensogo. Result: DEADMAtology. I never received any reply. Nice talking!

4. Emailed Ensogo via contact form - It took them more than 5 days to respond. Award! The verdict finally arrived. NO TICKETS FOR ME! Award! Award! Award! 

According to them, system error!%$#@

@#$% in the first place, I didn't pay via credit card. I used my Paypal account. And as of date, I haven't received any refund from them. I can't understand the long processing time. It only takes a few clicks to issue a Paypal refund.

Best about everything, I checked Ensogo's site a few days ago and the Disney On Ice tickets are still available for sale. There are still available slots even for the Premium Upper Box. This leads me, why can't they give me tickets if they are still actively selling? I even tried buying tickets again. This time however, I chose payment via 7-11. The transaction proceeded except that I decided not to pursue the payment. I don't want to risk and suffer the consequences of another failed transaction and the trouble of working out for a refund.

Lesson learned here : It's always best to pay for the actual price of a product. Cheaper price, cheap service lead to disappointment and frustration.

So there, GOODBYE and @#$%^* ENSOGO! This will be my first and last with your company.


I love you Paypal! It took another company to finally resolve my problem.


  1. Hi Diane, have you tried making a stop payment by logging in on to to your Paypal account?

    1. I believe huli na ako to stop payment. I opted to file a case na sana ma-resolve ni Paypal. :(

  2. How disappointing! Ayan nawalan tuloy sila ng isa pang customer in you. Once or twice lang ata ako nakabili sa Ensogo pero okay naman. Mas feel ko ang Metrodeal, Groupon at Cash Cash Pinoy.

  3. Yung mga friends ko adik sa deals. Ako lagi ko sinasabi magbabayad na lang ako kahit mas mahal, at least sure. Dati kasi nabiktima na din kami, oo nadamay ako kasi booking sa hotel yun na friend ko nag-ayos. Dinaan nya pa kasi sa deals chenes. Ang sabi kasi yung travel agent (na nagpost ng deal na yun) na magbabayad direcho sa hotel for us. So wala na kami babayaran. Aba pagdating sa hotel wala daw sila narereceive na payment, buti na lang may nakuha pa kaming room at buti di naman kamahalan yung hotel kasi sa Indonesia.. pero hellooooo ang bottomline naloko pa din kame. Wag na talaga magtiwala sa lintek na deals na yan.

    1. Ang keyword:"magbabayad na lang ako kahit mas mahal, at least sure." Tama ka eh!

      Minsan ko lang inattempt, pumalpak pa :(


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