Holiday break is really over. Tomorrow I have to wake up early again. I'll be starting the work week with my early morning classes and continue the afternoon with my office work. Sigh. Time to face reality again. :) Before I fully embrace 2015, let me recount the few beautiful things from the last week of my holiday break.

Had a short trip to Uratex to purchase some custom size foam for our living room -  I explored the showroom and was surprised to see pieces of nice furniture. I love the living room set up, exactly what I want for our home. Another item in my wish list is a bed that comes with a real head board. I also found a replica of the Eames Rocking Chair. The signature chair retails for $ 499 (around Php 22,000) while Uratex version costs around Php 2,000. 

The last photo was taken from my room yesterday morning. - I have to push myself to declutter. I started Saturday afternoon, felt sleepy and ended not accomplishing anything. I remember an online article which supports my traditional decluttering tradition. I forgot the author and the link, but I would love to join the challenge of taking away at least 100 useless items before the new year starts.

Yakitori One - Another favorite! If only they have branches areas near me. I was able to have my most awaited Yakitori meal from Robinsons Magnolia. 

Chinese Asado - My cousin's family never fails to give us a plate of this meaty dish before Xmas of New Year's eve. Pork and beef overload!

Garlic Longganisa from my Mother's hometown - I love Bulacan's longganisa because it's way different from the sweet flavored meat sold in supermarkets and groceries. The version of my mother's hometown is overpowered by a natural garlic flavor, real and full meat and no artificial coloring at all. 

Cheapest Dimsum - Minus the chili garlic sauce, this will continue to become a part of my tiring weekdays. Comfort food for two, not bad for Php 50.

Life is a piece of cake, I really hope so - Got this mini cake from Figaro (I think one of the underrated coffee shops in Manila.) I love this reasonably priced mocha devil's cake. 

New Year Eve's leftovers - Pizza slices and calamari in tomato sauce, all I need is a nice oven to reheat all the food left from New Year's eve.

Meet the cutest member of the family - The little big man is so thrilled with his new toy, Babab (Sponge Bob) ;)

Family dinner at Shakeys - My cousin invited me to join them for dinner during Christmas. Thin crust pizza, fried chicken, mojos and houseblend iced tea = heaven! Best about everything, great food is shared over stories only my family can understand and appreciate :)

Yellow Cab Interiors - The industrial interiors of Yellow Cab always impress me.

Last week to see this - Christmas is really over but my prayers, wishes and faith remain the same.