The past week has not been so good at the workplace. My projects are running smoothly. I almost don't have any problems at all. The minor trouble arose from some people who failed to perform their work. The unexpected headache... My long weekend was almost ruined if not because of a few friends who consoled me. When I related my sentiments to my friends, my initial intention was to seek their assistance on how to handle my little misfortune. I was hoping to be enlightened. Much to my surprise, we all ended laughing about all those people causing the inefficiency. Call us mean but I guess, laughing is always better than planting another seed of stress. 

Prior to the long weekend, I secured documents from several government agencies. This is actually when all the problems were discovered. On the way back to the workplace, I felt refreshed to see some places I used to frequent.

Please don't mind the electrical wires, I always find beauty to this blue and white building. There are a lot of fastfood chains and local banks on the ground floor. This area never fails to gain foot traffic, I just don't know if they share the same appreciation with this beautiful infrastructure.

Another new / old beautiful building  - I love that the owner decided to construct the building inspired by neoclassical architecture.

The Manila Cathedral - No doubt about the beauty of this hundred year old Cathedral. I saw a handful of foreigners who are probably part of Pope Francis' advance committee.

Had a quick trip to Binondo to buy a simple present for the Boss' birthday - I have to find the famous peanut kiosk in Binondo. Thanks to my friend W, we found the most coveted peanut kiosk in Hormiga St. I should have taken photos of the queue of lines. There were locals and foreigners joining the crowd of excited buyers.

And just because it took me a  lot time and effort to purchase bags of peanuts, I treated myself to my favorite "dirty" street ice cream.

Cute signage from a homegrown burger place - Chevy Burger, I hope to see you soon again.

Feeling Korean - I have been seeing this bottle of soju from 7-11 for the longest time. I didn't want to buy it from the 7-11 store near the workplace. I wanted to protect my image as a good teacher. LOL This weekend, my cousin joined and supported my curiosity. She purchased one from another 7-11 branch.. away from home and the workplace. Haha We googled different ways on how to enjoy soju... The outcome: it was just too strong for us! Our excitement made us forget to read the label which states 19% alcohol!!!

Les Miserables 1978 (I think) - The priest who saved Jean Valjean from the police reminded me of Pope Francis.

The Production Number on old local films - One thing we always laugh about the old local films (Era of Manilyn, Lotlot and company), there has to be a full dance production number. Long before Glee and High School Musical started, there's always the Filipino local films equipped with full production number.

This week has been filled with stories and encounters with Pope Francis in the Philippines. For me, this is probably one of his best photos. :)