Not all of my friends know that I have obsession for postcards. I both love collecting postcards and sending them away to my friends abroad. Back when I was in still in High School, I used to have seven penfriends. I would set aside part of my daily allowance for the mailing expenses. The trips to the Post Office formed part of my growing up years. I'm one of the few people who loves Post Offices, despite the convenience of email and common complaints of mails, parcels and packages delivered late or getting lost along the way. I have my own share of mails, parcels and packages delivered late or worst, not arriving at all. I received parcels that were opened without my consent. I have Xmas cards that arrived on Valentine's Day. I recently sent two postcards one enroute to Netherlands and another to a province somewhere down south. Surprise of surprises, the postcard to Netherlands arrived a little more than a week. I only paid Php 14 for the stamps to Netherlands, such amount of money cannot even afford a trip to the next train station. Yet it was delivered liked a priority mail. As for the local mail, I paid twice the amount and as of date, its whereabouts are still unknown. 

While I have learned to tolerate delayed deliveries, what I cannot bear is the half-forced imposition of monetary gifts of some Postman during December. I'm so much willing to give gifts. I just dislike it when I'm forced to be generous. 

Despite the imperfections of the Post Office, I do love it especially the Manila Central Post or the Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost). I have featured the rare and great neoclassical building and the very accommodating employees many times here. Because I still love the Post Office and the sentimental fool in me still longs for those handwritten letters, I decided to revive my love for letter writing. So for this year, one of my personal targets is to send at least 12 postcards to friends all over the world. I have reached a few blog friends and I'm happy that most of them agreed to give their mailing addresses. I'm excited to send my postcards on Tuesday. This would mean another trip to the Philpost! 

To those who share my sentimental foolishness to postcards and handwritten letters, please don't hesitate to send me an email. I would love to include you in my mailing list. Hopefully, our post offices will cooperate and have all my postcards delivered just in time :)