A few months ago, my cousin introduced me to this company that provides easy earning investment opportunities. In the course of our discussion, it appeared to me as another company engaged in multi-level marketing. Although the company is claiming that they are rather in uni-level marketing.  Whatever is the difference between the two marketing schemes, I cannot understand. The way I see it, it's all the same approach and system. 

A relative invested more than Php 50,000 and was able to claim earnings of around Php 20,000. The child of my relative invested Php 8,000 and after a few months, the current value of the money increased to Php 12,000. The wife of another relative invested around Php 75,000 and earned more than Php 17,000. Admittedly, I felt amazed with all the earnings they are receiving. But this wasn't enough to convince me to join. I don't have the funds to begin with. I'm likewise not comfortable risking my very slim savings / emergency fund for this type of investment. My relatives are however very convinced with the performance of the company. They were even planning to increase their investment by enrolling names of other relatives. Like semi-dummy accounts, as I see it. 

I maybe wrong, judgmental and biased. Despite the positive feedback of my relatives, part of me is still highly reluctant. Let me enumerate my personal reasons.

The company is less than a year old. - The age of the company contributes to my puzzlement. How can they easily pay off their investors, given that they are only new in the market? My relative was claiming that most of the employees were formerly employed on other multi-level networking companies. Hence, they have mastered the techniques in fund management. While I value their expertise, the fast and higher return of investment is giving me reasons to doubt and feel scared at the same time. 

The company only has three ... make that 5 product lines to sell - All the while I thought that the company is selling a plethora of expensive vitamin supplements and beauty products. I was surprised when I discovered only three products from their website and two additional products from google research. The company claims to offer beauty products extracted from natural Japanese herbs. 

How can the company provide high return of investment if they only have limited products to sell? How is the profit generated? The way I see it, they are more aggressive in recruiting investors than engaging in product promotion and development. This further leads me to the conclusion that the company is rather propelled by investments and not by its products. The five products are only used as a front or invisible masks to conceal the real activity behind the company. 

The company's Board of Directors and Management Team are not listed in the corporate website - This is expected to all companies. Corporate websites should contain the members of BOD and the MT. If they are not comfortable revealing their identities, the President and CEO or the Chief Communications Officer should at least be visible in the corporate website. If the company is building its reputation from trust, I think it's but proper that the leaders are recognised and identified by the investors and the general public. Why hide?

The words used in the mission, vision and core values of the company are so (pardon the lack of adjective) lousy - When I read the company's M, V and C, it felt like reading the initial outputs of my dearest college kiddies. It didn't appear to me as a corporate information written by a seasoned professional. I cannot even decipher what the company really wants to achieve. Reading their M,V and C felt like merely reading a compilation of adjectives that define an ideal company.

What comes easy won't last long, what lasts long won't come easy - I have always adhered to this principle. Or maybe I should also add, the only way to earn money is to do things the hardest way.

The deposit interest rates implemented by banking institutions today are so discouraging. What can we gain from annual interest rate of less than 1%? Added to this the uncontrollable inflation rate that devaluates our hard earned savings. But really, other low return investment opportunities provides a positive tradeoff... our investments are kept safe. As far as I know, the most secured investments are those that offer the lowest rate of return. The exact same principles apply with regards to other investment opportunities such as cryptocurrencies like Yuan Coin. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about investing in cryptocurrencies, you can find further information including a guide to Yuan Pay Group registration (Yuan Pay Group Anmeldung) on the Kryptoszene website.

The way I see the company, they are merely using the investments of the new recruits to pay off the maturity of the existing investors. As long as there are new and growing recruits, the company will be able to pay and provide earnings to the previous or existing investors.

Like I said, I maybe wrong or judgmental. Little do I know, the company has really the best intentions. On a personal level though, I need to be assured that whatever happens... my money is secured before I am offered by any tempting opportunity.