This has to be the fastest Beautiful Sunday post that I have to prepare. It's 10:56 pm in my clock, I barely have an hour to publish this post on a Sunday. I had an unexpected freelance work over the weekend. How could I not prioritize the much needed money in the bank. I usually finish this kind of freelance work overnight. Unfortunately,  it was too late for me to discover the easier way to work around. So my ending, I slept around 7 am just halfway with my task. I slept the entire day and woke up to finish the remaining workload. Unfortunately, laziness hit me so like a typical student, I ended up cramming.

Now that I'm all done with the serious work, I have to press the rush button for this blog post. I hope this will not end up so messy and lousy.

A new set of notebook - Nice, only to realize that the notebook is too beautiful for my ugly handwriting. Not really a perfect match, another friend actually deserves the notebook. I will give it to her this week.

When the going gets tough ...  - Still dealing with some issues at the workplace.. Hopefully I'll be able to finish everything tomorrow. I had enough last January. I will definitely do more walking this week.

Goody's Ouchless - Goody stopped producing my reliable hair accessory. It was hard for me to look for a replacement. It was only this brand who can manage my excessively thick hair strands. With the help of a very accommodating Sales Assistant from SM Manila, I was introduced to a new alternative... minus the little hefty price tag.

This is what Saturday nights are made of -  Oh dearest Bamboo :) I may not agree with your choices and decisions, but you still have my support.

Papal Memorabilia - I was able to purchase last of the limited edition stamps. Hopefully my other friends will receive their own copies too. Dear Philpost, don't make the wait too long :( The rosary was a gift from my previous student. I was quite happy to discover that the mother-in-law of this famous celebrity also had the same rosary :)

Best Message in a Random Hallmark Card - Shout out to AC and Mother E! Yes, we are the hottest :) 

Loving my bag from Sakroots - Got this bag last year and it's only now that I discover the hidden messages around

 And how can I forget the food uploads

Cheapest but at least decent cheesecake from a food bazaaar - Two cheesecakes for only Php 150, not bad I guess :) I should buy another set on Friday

When the going gets tough part 2 - When things are starting to agitate me, I treat myself to the unhealthiest yet delicious meal from Binondo

KFC fooled me again - Hahahaha Spicy gangnam chicken on a Saturday night, I still prefer Bonchon or Manang's Chicken

Stupid is forever - I just need a light and humorous read these days

I'm crossing my fingers, when I hit the publish button it will still be Sunday!!!!