Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mission Accomplished : Found a long lost friend

A week ago, I posted my sentiments about my attempt to reconnect with my long lost Korean friends. Part of me was very doubtful with the outcome of my plan. Sending a letter to someone after 17 years? The odds that the letter would be returned to me was not impossible. My friend could have transferred to a new address, moved to another country, the reasons and chances for the unsuccessful outcomes are so endless.

Just when I was conditioning myself that nothing will happen, something surprised me this morning. It started when I saw an unusual mail in my gmail account. The email has an extension of In my mind then, who would email me from South Korea.? I checked the email and the happiness just overflowed. 

My plan didn't end up as a futile attempt. I was able to successfully find my Korean penfriend after 17 years. OMG! OMG! Did I just say OMG!?!

I'm exaggeratedly speechless. :) I thought I was the only person who loves to keep letters. Turns out, my friend also kept my letters. I cannot anymore contain my happiness!!

Although I have to say that part of me is regretful for not reconnecting earlier. I later discovered that my dear friend stayed in my country for quite some time. Best about everything, she was assigned to a school near my hometown. Only God knows, our paths could have crossed already. She went to places I frequent during weekends. If only I had the courage to write years ago, I could have given my friend a decent tour in my hometown. 

We may not be able to meet here but if God will allow, I hope I will be able to reach the Land of the Morning Calm. But for now, I just want to savor the fact that I found a long lost friend.

PS I have to commend Philpost's Main Branch and South Korea's Postal System too. My registered mail reached its destination in one week.


  1. Galing naman! I never had penfriends from abroad before. Plan a trip to Korea na.:) Hehe.

    1. Kung malalim lang ang banga ng kayamanan ko, gorabells!!!! Btw, you mentioned before you have a friend who can read Hangeul. I think she checked my post on Cafe Noriter and translated some wall messages. I hope she can help me translate. I used Google Translator and Bing, kaya lang very poor ang translation.

  2. That's so great! As in. I feel your triumph. She must be as elated as you are.

    Now if only makarating na yung letter mo for me, ako na nasa Pilipinas lang. I'm looking at you, Philpost!

    1. Iniisip ko Mother, baka mas malapit ang South Korea sa Manila kesa sa Dumags ahahahaha

    2. Siguro nga! Hindi ko naman ma-okray si Mr Mailman, because Cath Kidston. LOL!

  3. Oh what joy to reconnect with your friend, and that would be fun to travel to see her. She even kept your letters too, you sound like soul mates as friends.

  4. Woooow! Amazing! I didn't know such thing still exists today! I was ecstatic while reading this! 17 years is such a long time yet you guys did not give up on your friendship! Congrats!!! ♥

    Janine | Lime & Life

  5. Ang galing! I had a penpal too. Hmmm.. We exchanged a few letters lang and then nada. Anyareh na nga kaya sa kanya? Hihihi!

  6. I am glad to hear that you find your Korean friend. I translate it.

    필리핀에서 돌아온 후 오래된 편지들을 정리하던 중 17년전, 그러니까 1998년, 필리핀 펜팔 발견, 너무 오래전 일이기에 혼자 사진찍어 놓고 막 이랬는데,,

    After having returned from the Philippines, I found a pen pal in the Philippines while filing a lot of old correspondence. It was 17 years ago, so 1998. I used to take pictures along too long ago.

    몇일지나 오늘 우편물이 왔는데 내 추억 속 그 여학생!!!!!

    After several days, I get a mail from the schoolgirl in my memory today.

    Diane도 짐 정리중 내 편지를 발견했다며 잘 지내냐고 한국 드라마를 좋아한다고, 기쁘기도하고 놀랍기도하고

    While Diane unpacked, she also found my letter , and how are you doing fine? she asked me, and I am glad and amazed that she likes Korean dramas.

    메일 주소를 적어 왔길래 급하게 답장을 보냈는데, 17년전 영어나 지금이나 다를게 없더라는ㅋ

    She send her mail address with the mail, and I quickly reply. But English is no different between 17 years ago and the present.

    그때 내가 보낸 편지를 복사해서 같이 보내왔는데, 추억이 새록 새록:)

    She send the mail with the copy of the letter which I sent that time, and the memories of that time keep popping up in my head:)

    PS) You seem to confuse me with another person. I do not know her named RoSe. I am Korean.

    1. Hi Swj! I'm sorry I don't know your name. May I know your full name or at least nickname so that I can address you appropriately? You have been my Korean translator angel. Thank you so much! You always come here whenever I needed some translation. I remember you translating a message written in Hangeul from my post about Cafe Noriter.

      Thank you for translating my everything for me. Actually the Facebook post of Jae-eun has comments, all written in Hangeul. I was the only person who wrote something in English.

      I have mistaken you as Rose's friend because I remember Rose telling me that she has a friend who can read and translate from Hangeul to English. Hence, I immediately concluded the connection.

      Thanks again for translating everything for me. I really appreciate it. Wishing you a great day ahead!

  7. Sorry for the confusion. I have thought that I have to refrain from leaving anonymous comments. The fault lies somewhat with me. I sincerely appreciate your hospitality.
    - spearrit (nickname) -

  8. Sorry for the confusion. I have thought that I have to refrain from leaving anonymous comments. The fault lies somewhat with me. I sincerely appreciate your hospitality.
    - spearrit(nickname) -


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