A week ago, I posted my sentiments about my attempt to reconnect with my long lost Korean friends. Part of me was very doubtful with the outcome of my plan. Sending a letter to someone after 17 years? The odds that the letter would be returned to me was not impossible. My friend could have transferred to a new address, moved to another country, the reasons and chances for the unsuccessful outcomes are so endless.

Just when I was conditioning myself that nothing will happen, something surprised me this morning. It started when I saw an unusual mail in my gmail account. The email has an extension of hanmail.com. In my mind then, who would email me from South Korea.? I checked the email and the happiness just overflowed. 

My plan didn't end up as a futile attempt. I was able to successfully find my Korean penfriend after 17 years. OMG! OMG! Did I just say OMG!?!

I'm exaggeratedly speechless. :) I thought I was the only person who loves to keep letters. Turns out, my friend also kept my letters. I cannot anymore contain my happiness!!

Although I have to say that part of me is regretful for not reconnecting earlier. I later discovered that my dear friend stayed in my country for quite some time. Best about everything, she was assigned to a school near my hometown. Only God knows, our paths could have crossed already. She went to places I frequent during weekends. If only I had the courage to write years ago, I could have given my friend a decent tour in my hometown. 

We may not be able to meet here but if God will allow, I hope I will be able to reach the Land of the Morning Calm. But for now, I just want to savor the fact that I found a long lost friend.

PS I have to commend Philpost's Main Branch and South Korea's Postal System too. My registered mail reached its destination in one week.