Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 149 - Sky Deck View Bar and Manila's Sky Line

It's the third month of the year! While everyone is enjoying their weekend break, I'm reporting for work on a Sunday. :) No complaints, I'm used to doing this twice a year. I have a long day ahead. Hopefully, it will be a productive one. The past week has not been so good for me. I was infected with a case of bad cold on Monday night. Tuesday came, the severe colds was accompanied by its deadly friend, cough, cough and more cough. The holiday in the middle of the week went as a little blessing. I don't have to consume my sick leave credits. But if only I had a choice, I wanted to extend the holiday break. My presence is unfortunately needed on Thursday because of my project that will run on Friday. Fortunately, I felt a little better on Friday except that all my medicine intakes are starting to affect me. Hello there drowsiness! It felt like everyone is calling me to zzzzzzzzz

I may not be feeling well the entire week but as always, there are some beautiful things that came. One of which is the unexpected dinner treat from my Big Boss. He brought the entire office to one of his favorite restaurants. 

 Sky Deck View Bar

You can guess from the name of the restaurant, a place where you can have an amazing view of the city's sky line.

 Al fresco lounge, great view and good food, define Sky Deck View Bar. Let the succeeding photos prove this

We arrived around 5:30 pm, perfect time to witness sunset in Manila. In my opinion, this is the best time to visit Sky Deck. Seeing the sunset is already an attraction.

Perfect weather to start a great dinner

Tip : Reserve a seat on the sides to enjoy sunset and the view of Manila's Sky Line

A view of Intramuros, a historical landmark in Manila, established in the 16th century back when the Philippines was still colonized by the Spanish Government. 

We got the round table in the middle of the restaurant which was quite a regret. Although for bigger groups, Sky Deck automatically recommends this round table in the center of the restaurant.

But for me, the real sky deck is found in this elevated area

According to my Big Boss, you have to automatically pay the Php 700 consumable drinks and food to avail this area

Now I get it :) Everything looks better in this area

The view from the secluded area of Sky Deck

Great place and customer service are so far the best features I've experienced from Sky Deck View Bar. The most important and real reason why we visited the place didn't impress me well. If I were to give a rating, I have to say its 3 out of 5 stars for Sky Deck View Bar's food offering. We initially wanted to avail their buffet treat. Unfortunately, we learned that buffet is only offered on Fridays to weekends. We went for ala carte which was expensive for my budget. :) The Big Boss ordered a lot but the one that captured my taste buds is the Four Cheese Pizza. The rest of the we had like Callos, Sinigang na Bagnet, and Kare Kare were just fine.

Sky Deck offers varied food selections in their menu. But mostly are Filipino-Spanish inspired dishes. Although if I will be asked if I will return and recommend the place, I would still say yes. Sky Deck View Bar provides a quiet, hidden and quick getaway from all the hustle and bustle of Manila. 

If you want to experience the lighter and silent side of Manila, Sky Deck View Bar in Intramuros is highly recommended. 


  1. I once attended a wedding in Bayleaf. And I agree with you, astig ang view. Naisip ko, parang kelan lang, McDo lang 'yun, ngayon hotel na. :)

  2. What a fabulous view from the Sky Deck! I would love being up high and seeing all the beautiful lights and buildings. I hope you have a good week. It was a beautiful Sunday and I felt well enough for a walk. I've been sick for 2 weeks...and that's WAY too long! Sweet hugs my friend and namemate, Diane

  3. I've never been there and I'd love to go there! Soon! Hahaha. Ako na lang ata sa mga friends ko di pa nakakaexperience dito.. kung bakit ba naman kasi hindi talaga ako napapadpad sa Maynila.. Hay. I saw your IG posts and I'm jealous. Heheh

  4. Gusto rin namin pumunta dito! Matagal na kami sinasabihan ng SIL ko kasi naka-try sya with friends, maganda daw ang view at nagustuhan naman nila ang food, hindi nga lang daw talaga sobrang special ang lasa. Hehe. :)

  5. Your boss is so generous to treat all of you. The restaurant look fancy. I love to go there. You have a nice blog. :)

  6. Hi Dianne, I read from your previous post that you ordered from the book depository website. I purchased some books for a friend as a gift but we live in different countries so the shipping and billing address are different. I was wondering how did the people from the post office contacted you? Cheers!

    1. Hi Rafaela! Nice name :) The package was delivered to my doorstep. Although in my residential address, the postman charged me Php 50. When I had it shipped at the workplace in Manila, I didn't pay for anything. It simply arrived :) Should your friend not receive the book, Book Depository has a very nice customer support team. Some of my orders were delivered more than a month. Everything arrived except for the major delays


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