Tired! Tired! Tired! :) The first few days of the past week were spent for work. Before the week ended, I attended the remaining classes of the short course I started last November. I still have a couple of weeks to attend and that one great output I have to produce. I'm confused, exhausted, added to this some life changing and grown decisions I have to make. While everything still remains at the pending status, let me recount the few good and lighter things that made the past week.

Learning never stops - and this grown up is studying again :) I have a love-hate relationship with schooling though. While I love to learn new things, I hate that I have to forgo my weekends and add another weight to balance apart from my regular work. 

Hello Ayala Avenue! - Another love-hate relationship I have. I love the high rise buildings, air-conditioned and clean underpasses, pedestrian friendly streets, clean and safe surroundings and the Ayala Triangle garden. What I hate include that weird intimidating atmosphere and the more than 2 hours of travel time I have to endure. 

Nice wreath - It doesn't have to be Christmas to display a wreath. I found this beautiful wreath displayed inside the toilet (of all places) of Mom and Tina's Bakery and Restaurant in Makati.

Lasagna from Mom and Tina's - Great way to end a tiring week

Street Art - Encountered this in one of the underpasses in Ayala Avenue. Hope to see more of these rather than the dirty and notorious vandalism in Manila. 

I love mornings! - Supposedly hahaha I was quite early on my second day in Ayala so I ended killing time at Mc Donald's. I never realized how I miss hash browns and pancakes. I'm thinking of reporting earlier to work tomorrow just to catch Mc Donald's breakfast menu. Hahaha 

Strawberries from Baguio- Gift from one of my cousins, thank you Jacob! 

A new favorite! - I have always been loyal to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Toblerone Cake, I dropped by one of their branches in the middle of the week and discovered another variant in Oreo - Coffee. It was the best! Better than my old favorite :)

This wallpaper is too nice not to be noticed - Again, I saw this beautiful and intricately designed wall paper inside the toilet area of Mom and Tina's. Of all places, I never expected to find something prettifying inside the toilet and wash room. 

The biggest fried chicken - I discovered another good and budget friendly fastfood near the workplace. Hot Star is not lying. It was the largest fried chicken I've encountered.

PS To my friends who have been visiting and leaving comments here, thank you very much. Work and some grown up issues are occupying me lately. When everything else become stable again, I promise, I will do my regular blog hopping adventures :)