The short course I started last November is finally over. My Fridays and Saturdays are finally free again. As much as I'd like to say one task down, the real task is just about to start. Before I receive my certification, I have to accomplish one major project at the workplace. This is where the real challenge begins. I'm still clueless of what project to pursue. This is so much different than thesis writing and all those academic papers I used to do. I have to involve people and I have to convince the management to make things happen. This is what I call as a grown up school project. 

Meanwhile, please forgive me for posting this :) 

A little accomplishment that does not happen to me everyday :) Hopefully my good performance will be carried out to that one great project I need for the full certification

Setting aside this serious side, here are the other few beautiful things that made my week

Last day in school! - My Fridays and Saturdays are back!!!! But I will surely miss this space in the always intimidating Ayala Avenue. 

Orange and orange - It took me two friends to purchase this orange (of all colors) pair from Payless. For someone who has darker skin shade, orange, red and all those bold colors never looked good on me. But my friends are the best shopaholic buddies ;P

There's something about old local movies - Cinema One has been one of my weeknight buddies. I'm one of those kids who grew up in the 90s, but enjoy the movies released back in the 70s to early 80s.

Monogrammed! - I initially wanted the popular three-letter monogram. I later realized that humongous pendants are not really for me. So I opted for a monogrammed disc with my birthstone. 

Hooray for today! - I suddenly craved for Mc Donald's breakfast last week. The ending? I had unhealthy breakfast for three consecutive days :)

Bacon!!!! - Blame Mother E for advertising Purefood's Bacon in Maple Syrup, it's way better the the traditional Honeycured style. I have to post this photo because for the first time... I cooked dinner for myself hahahahaha

New product discovery - The school that housed me every Friday and Saturday introduced me to The Sandwich Guy. I'm personally not a big fan of sandwiches. Most of the sandwiches I encountered taste bland and boring. The Sandwich Guy made me like sandwiches again. 

I'm not clumsy - I told you, I'm not the best person to handle cupcakes. I'm only good at eating them. :)

The other cupcake made it though :) - I'm currently enjoying this carrot cupcake while typing this post.

My favorite hair product - A bit expensive for my regular budget but when results are considered, spending Php 300+ for this product is not so bad. It's way different from all those hair serum that makes my hair looks so oily. Loreal's version tames most of my frizz without leaving any trace of oiliness.

Postcards from around the world - Thank you Terra and Wilma for the postcards. The Postcard Challenge will be one of my happiest accomplishments for 2015. This reminds me I have to send my third round of postcards this week. :)